the MOST ridiculous thing.

By on Mar 24, 2019

Please correct me if I am wrong.

I will provide you with access to every element in the Periodic Table in whatever quantity you desire. All I would like anyone to do is mix them together in any combination they would like, they may then expose them to an amount of electricity, light, heat, cold, darkness they want, they can expose them to radiation, incubation or any combination of the available options and they may have as long as they like. All I want them to do is produce something that is alive – the simplest organism, perhaps a bit of algae – and just a speck of it, that is all they have to do. Can’t be done.

But, lets say someone comes along an manages to perform such a feat. You then want me to believe that from that speck of algae all the plants and animals evolved? I don’t care how much time you have there is no way a speck of algae is becoming a fish. Yet, supposedly smart people prefer to believe a story like this rather than the creation story. Talk about mythology.