Why doesn’t it matter?

By on Apr 1, 2019

On the veracity of the information contained herein I have little doubt. This is hardly the first time this has been reported and if you think for one minute that the truth of huusien’s birthplace is not known by US intelligence agencies (and likely foreign making him very blackmailable) then you have much to learn. As troubling as it is to think a lying, lawbreaking, anti-American was elected President not once but twice what I find much more disturbing is the complicity of the 4rth Estate in the fraud. For an example of the continuing complicity see the next post.

The only greater threat to this country than the control of information by the msm is public education which imho is child abuse.

Obama Admits He Was Born in Kenya

Forget about Obama’s birth certificate.

The 44th president himself for years listed Kenya as his place of birth, right up until the time he decided to make a run for the White House.

In 1995, Obama was beginning his political career with a run for the Illinois State Senate and sought to give himself a boost by publishing a memoir about growing up as a child of mixed race.

His literary agent was Dystel & Goderich (today Dystel, Goderich & Bourret LLC). If you do an Internet Archive: Wayback Machine search for the cached versions of the Dystel & Goderich website, you find that as recently as April 3, 2007, the birthplace listed for Obama in connection with his memoir, Dreams From My Father, is KENYA!

This place of birth, which was listed on the Dystel & Goderich website for nearly 10 years, had to have been provided by Obama himself. Nor did he ever see a problem with being identified as being born in Kenya, otherwise the listing would have been corrected.

What’s interesting is that Obama announced his candidacy for president in February of 2007, even as the listing on the website of his literary agent still contained evidence disqualifying him from the race. Apparently, someone got wise to the discrepancy, because by April 21 of that year, the listing had been changed to read that Obama was born in Hawaii.

What these people so often fail to realize is that they can lie and change their story all they want, but in the Internet era, one can’t escape the fact that everything is cached.

Of course, this concrete evidence that Obama HIMSELF for years said he was born in Kenya hasn’t mattered one bit to the mainstream media, which has avoided it like the plague in order to help push the narrative they wanted.

I guess in our post-modern society, truth really is relative, and is to be simply tossed aside whenever we decide that we want to adopt a different story.

H/T The Washington Pundit