Not sure it gets any stupider than this.

By on Apr 8, 2019

Oh, it probably will get stupider but this is stupid beyond belief. I am left with one question though, why would a guy ever want to compete with girls? I don’t care if you are confused about your gender, you know you are not a girl and you know it is not fair so what type of PERSON are you? Do you actually think you’re a great athlete? And maybe one more, what is wrong with the people who are running these things? Which, I guess, goes to the larger question of, what is wrong with our society? Someone with an x and y chromosome says he feels like a girl and society says that’s normal? The person should be referred to a psyche ward not told he can be on the girls team.


Terry Miller Andraya Yearwood

Terry Miller, second from left, wins the final of the 55-meter dash over Andraya Yearwood, left, and other runners in New Haven, Connecticut. in February. (AP Photo / Pat Eaton-Robb