This is most concerning…

By on Jun 5, 2019

You report the truth and ask the President for help and you are summarily fired. I would like to know who the parents are that the school board “heard” from. I would also like to know what type of cowardly men and women are on that board. I hope the FWISD school board is sued out of existence.

Ft. Worth School Board Unanimously Votes to Fire Teacher for Tweeting About Illegal Aliens and Drugs on School Campus to President Trump

The Fort Worth ISD school board voted unanimously on Tuesday to fire a teacher for her tweets to President Trump and warnings about drugs on the school campus.

The school board fired her for her offensive tweets about immigration.

Teacher Georgia Clark was upset about the huge number of illegals in the school and the drugs on campus.

It was a unanimous vote.

Ms. Clark should have known better to complain about illegals in the school.

FOX4 News reported:

The Fort Worth ISD school board voted to fire a teacher accused of posting a controversial tweet about illegal immigration.

In a Tuesday afternoon hearing, the school board heard from parents asking the district to fire Carter-Riverside High School English teacher Georgia Clark.

The district began investigating Clark after she apparently sent a tweet under a clandestine Twitter handle to President Donald Trump asking if anything could be done to “remove illegals from Fort Worth.”