Another bastion of idiots – Facebook Bans Plastic Water Bottles in Offices

By on Sep 26, 2019

Tell me, in all seriousness, does any reasonable, rational person ACTUALLY BELIEVE that not using a plastic bottle or a plastic straw is going to have any effect on the climate?

And they walked out on strike on the 20th? What the heck were they striking against? A strike, take off work, yeah, that ought to do it.  If that doesn’t prove the bastion exists nothing does.

Facebook Bans Plastic Water Bottles in Offices

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Tech giant Facebook has announced a ban on single-use plastic water bottles from its global offices.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Facebook has banned single-use plastic water bottles throughout its global offices, marking the largest ban from a private employer. The decision will affect Facebook’s 40,000 employees, who can now use water-filling stations located in the employee cafeterias at offices in Burlingame, San Francisco, Fremont and Sunnyvale, California. Refill stations are to be installed at the firms Menlo Park headquarters.

A ban on plastic bottles is also expected to be put in place at Facebook’s offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Austin. The move was made in an attempt to cut down on plastic waste which many say are harmful to the environment by increasing pollution and consuming fossil fuels during the manufacturing and transportation of the bottles.

Juan Salazar, Facebook’s director of local policy and community engagement, discussed the move stating: “It’s really about us thinking about our sustainability goals … and being a good corporate steward. This is the standard we set for the company going forward.”

Other major tech firms such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google are all taking part in employee walkouts to protest climate change. Breitbart News recently reported that employees from the Masters of the Universe including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft have announced plans to walk out of their jobs on September 20 to participate in a global climate strike. The protests are set to take place in 150 countries around the world in an attempt to send a message to leaders who are meeting on September 23 for the 2019 Climate Action Summit, with more protest scheduled for September 27.