This is reading books to your children – CAUTION disgusting and graphic

By on Nov 2, 2019

SATANIC: Drag Queen Simulates Abortion – Stabs ‘Pregnant Belly’ With Knife, Dismembers ‘Fetus’ and Drinks Blood in New York Bar (VIDEO)


A shocking video surfaced of a drag queen simulating an abortion (child sacrifice) in a New York Bar.

The drag queen, known as Blair Back on Wednesday night performed nothing short of a simulation of Satanic child sacrifice.

Halloween costumes are meant to be scary or funny, but this is pure evil.

The drag queen begins his Satanic stunt by stabbing his ‘pregnant belly’ with a knife, tearing it open, he then reaches his hand inside of his ‘stomach’ and pulls out bloody guts.

Blair Back then picks up a glass and puts ‘blood’ into the glass then pours it into his mouth and all over his head.

At the end of his act, he pulls out a plastic baby from his stomach pouch, pulls the head off, licks the face then throws it away — and the patrons in the bar cheered.

These are the same degenerate perverts who are participating in ‘drag queen story hour’ and reading books to children. Let that sink in.

WATCH (warning graphic):