Why the Texas House doesn’t work for the people of Texas.

By on Nov 2, 2019

The following article lists the names of House members who called for Speaker bonnen to step down before it became dreadfully obvious he must. The list is very short, a mere 24, meaning all those not on it likely deserve to be primaried as they surely saw nothing wrong with bonnen’s liberal stances or his lack of integrity.  ONLY twenty-four men and women out of 150 members with sufficient convictions to know a RINO scoundrel when they see one and be willing to stand up and say so while a whole bunch of other so called conservative republicans refused to act until they no longer could not, all in a vain attempt to cover their own backsides.

Is your representative on the list? Probably not. Chances are he/she has a primary opponent so get out and find out who that person is and help them out for they certainly can be no worse than the sorry lot who thought it fine that bonnen was selling access in exchange for the destruction of conservatives. The fact the bonnen even attempted something like this with the likes of Michael Quinn really demonstrates that he believes everyone is as corrupt or corruptible as he is.

The other question you need to explore is where does the incumbent (and any challenger for that matter) get their money from. And then ask yourself why would your local state representative need $250,000 to $500,000 or more to win a very part time gig? – it surely is not for the state paycheck so why would someone “donate” huge sums of money to what should be local men and women who only want to go to Austin to fix a problem they feel passionately about? No one is contributing $50k or more to a single state rep because they aren’t happy with the property tax situation in their district. So, look closely at the donations and rest assured that large donations require some form of payback making your rep a bought and paid for stooge of someone and once they have served notice they are for sale they can justify any behavior to themselves and they are certainly demonstrating that they really don’t care about you.


As Republican lawmakers are now rushing in droves to call for Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen to step down—after he announced he would not be seeking re-election—it is important for citizens to know who stood up to Bonnen before the writing was on the wall.

After audio was released of Bonnen making a quid pro quo offer to Michael Quinn Sullivan of Empower Texans of media credentials in exchange for the political targeting of 10 House Republicans, statements from those who could no longer support Bonnen trickled in; but the final nail in the coffin came at 9:00 p.m. on Monday.

It was then that four of his top Republican chairmen—State Reps. Lyle Larson (San Antonio), Four Price (Amarillo), Chris Paddie (Marshall), and Dan Huberty (Kingwood)—as well as State Rep. John Frullo (Lubbock), put out a joint statement pulling their support.

After that, it was all but over for Bonnen’s speakership, as former allies began releasing similar statements to abandon the sinking ship.

The following House Republicans called for Bonnen to step down prior to the obvious conclusion on Monday night. Statements from other members came after it became clear Bonnen would be forced to step down:

Matt Schaefer (Tyler)
Travis Clardy (Nacogdoches)
Kyle Kacal (College Station)
John Raney (Bryan)
Steve Toth (The Woodlands)
Ernest Bailes (Shepherd)
Charles Anderson (Waco)
Trent Ashby (Lufkin)
Tan Parker (Flower Mound)
Stan Lambert (Abilene)
Drew Darby (San Angelo)
Kyle Biedermann (Fredericksburg)
Phil Stephenson (Wharton)
John Smithee (Amarillo)
Jonathan Stickland (Bedford)
Tony Tinderholt (Arlington)
DeWayne Burns (Cleburne)
Lynn Stucky (Sanger)
Steve Allison (San Antonio)
John Frullo (Lubbock)
Four Price (Amarillo)
Dan Huberty (Kingwood)
Lyle Larson (San Antonio)
Chris Paddie (Marshall)