Never Trumper cornyn – worse than ever.

By on Dec 5, 2019

Lest you ever forget which team cornyn plays for.

We Warned You: McConnell Making Moves Against Trump, to Protect the Swamp – Sends His Praetorian Guard to Tell Trump No Matter How Weak the Evidence, We Are Going to Put You on Trial

Opinion| Lawrence David| It’s not an accident of fate that Mitch McConnell is the Senate Majority Leader just as Chuck Schumer didn’t ascend to the leadership of Senate Democrats because of his charming personality and negotiating ability.

Both McConnell and Schumer are brothers in arms, committed to the preservation of the established order – a.k.a. the Swamp.

You’ll remember that McConnell opposed Donald Trump’s candidacy until the time it became 100% politically untenable to continue to do so.  He has done little to advance the Trump agenda.

This was after he worked with then-Speaker John Boehner to crush the ‘pesky constitutionalists’ from the Tea Party whose uprising began with the 2010 class.

Early this week when Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr (R-NC) announced the outline of a 6-8 week trial of the upcoming Senate Impeachment trial of President Trump it was done with McConnell’s (and, Schumer’s) blessing.

John Cornyn (R-TX) followed Burr’s announcement with his own statement that, should the House vote to impeach President Donald Trump, he doubted a motion to dismiss the charges would succeed in the Senate.

Cornyn, like Burr was delivering that message straight from McConnell.  There’s virtually no way Cornyn went rogue on something so important.

Realize what Cornyn is saying.  Republicans hold 53 seats. They only need 50 votes to dismiss with Vice President Pence breaking the tie.

But, here’s the kicker.  [Cornyn] said he was confident that ultimately, a vote in the Senate to remove Trump from office would fail. (read more)

Cornyn is acknowledging that the evidence presented against President Trump to date is woefully inadequate to gain a conviction, but that the Senate has already agreed to provide Democrats with 6 to 8 weeks of a highly-rated, anti-Trump TV informercial.

Even the most hopeful of DNC campaign operatives couldn’t have dreamed of a donation of this magnitude from the anti-Trump media.

Last month McConnell gave the impression that he would entertain a motion to dismiss if it came from President Trump’s defense team if articles of impeachment were passed by the House.

By sending Burr and Cornyn out to walk that promise back, McConnell has signaled to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that she is welcome to bring the articles forward.