And the schools are just as sick in Austin.

By on Dec 12, 2019

So it is not enough to give drag queens access to 6 and 7 year olds the perverts that allow these perverts near your children now want to make sure they are convicted of prostitution or child molestation before they allow them into the schools to read PRO lgbt propaganda to your children. I just simply cannot help but ask, as i did in the earlier post, WHERE the hell are the PARENTS and other supposed adults? Why does this librarian, principal and classroom teachers of these poor kids till have their jobs? What type of delusion must you suffer from as the parent, teacher, principal or librarian to believe this is a good idea to indoctrinate elementary school children with the idea that it is NORMAL for men to dress as and behave as women? and then to compound that delusion by allowing these convicts, who obviously weren’t smart enough to apply for entry into the Catholic priest fraternity of pedophiles, access to your unknowing and unthinking children? Good heavens, man, what is it going to take to wake these people up to the knowledge that this is not normal? To believe that the majority of these very sick men are not pedophiles just shows a level of ignorance that is inexcusable and should land you in jail for child endangerment, have your children removed for child abuse and should preclude you from ever having any type of job with access to children but, instead, this world has become so sick that it is I would be considered sick and if I lived in certain other countries, Canada and England come to mind, could be arrested and jailed and fined. George Orwell was only 35 years early in his prediction for surely we are now at a point where those who call out the sick as sick are considered the sick and that is just plain sick.

Texas Values: Austin school knew about drag queen’s conviction

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Charlie Butts (

'Kitty Litter' drag queen at Austin school

A public-school librarian allowed a drag queen to read to students even after learning about his criminal background, a watchdog group has learned.

Texas Values used a Freedom of Information request to obtain text messages showing Roger Grape, a librarian at Blackshear Elementary School, was informed by drag queen David Richardson that he expected to fail a background check after a conviction for prostitution.

In the text message to Grape, Richardson predicted the “guidelines for submission automatically disqualify me” if his deferred adjudication for prostitution is considered a criminal conviction by the school district.

Yet the drag queen later read pro-LGBT story books to students at the Austin school under his drag queen name “Miss Kitty Litter ATX.”

Miss Kitty Litter

Texas Values spokesperson Mary Elizabeth Castle tells OneNewsNow it was “very interesting” to read the text messages in which Richardson expected his conviction to “automatically disqualify” him from the reading time but he was allowed to do so anyway.

“Schools should be a safe space for students to learn,” Castle says, “and not a stage for adult entertainers.”

Castle and Texas Values are demanding to know why Austin Partners in Education, which reportedly performed the background check, welcomed Richardson in the school despite his criminal background.

Richardson’s conviction is not news to OneNewsNow readers. OneNewsNow reported in a Nov. 4 story that Richardson appeared to be a popular invitee in famously liberal Austin: He read to Blackshear students for “Pride Week Story Time” after participating at an Austin public library and at a public library in Leander, an Austin suburb.

OneNewsNow has also reported that Texas Values and a second group, Texas Mass Resistance, went to war with Texas liberals over the drag queen events and soon learned that two drag queens, both convicted sex offenders, were allowed to read to students at public libraries. One of the men was convicted of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old boy, and the second drag queen was convicted of sex crimes against children ages 4, 5, 6, and 8.