Is this a good idea? Once you get past the initial revulsion and think about it, it makes tremendous sense.

By on Jan 11, 2020

Seattle will soon get world’s first human composting site

by Daniel Payne · Jan 11th, 2020 9:50 am

Seattle, Washington, will soon become home to the world’s first “human composting” site, a place where individuals can have their postmortem remains slowly decompose into soil.

The service, called “Recompose,” will place human remains in a container full of alfalfa, straw and wood chips, all common materials often used to make compost out of non-human remains. The process of breaking down the human body into humus will take about a month, according to officials with the company.

Loved ones of those who have been turned into compost have the option of picking up the resultant soil, which will total about a square yard. The remains can also be donated to a forest in the southwestern part of the state.