When is enough going to be enough?

By on Jan 30, 2020

What I don’t get is Wray. Appointed by Trump and you know Trump knows everything that is reported here and more. Is this all calculated? Part of a giant plan to take them all down at once? What could they possibly be covering up that is not already known? What are they hiding? Or are many, many of them just doing whatever they can to avoid the hangman for treason. We have known for years now that the transfer speeds precluded the anyone from obtaining the emails via hack so why the continual Russia nonsense? We also know there must be a very good reason the server was not confiscated and analyzed by the FBI not the least of which is the likelihood that it would incriminate the fbi. We know so much and yet all these people are still walking around. It just gets harder and harder to keep the faith. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: FBI Covered Up Strzok and Page Emails Regarding Seth Rich – Now...

Is this just one couple’s mental illness?

By on Jan 30, 2020

Seriously, how can anyone think they are responsible for anything simply by virtue of their skin color? Finland: Pretty Little Woke Girl Gets Murdered By Muslim Migrant Boyfriend By David Brockett – January 30, 2020 No good deed… Sanni Ovaska hated white people, especially Finnish men from her culture. She didn’t hesitate to tell everyone on social media even though her blue eyes, alabaster skin and blond hair presented a comical backdrop to her convictions. Migrants were misunderstood, especially Muslim men. But this was Finland where all were considered equal, and Sanni was a champion of the downtrodden. Sanni found a body-building asylum-seeker she liked so much she took him in, and that was in every sense of the word. In her free time she liked to champion social causes and posted photos highlighting her contributions.She often used her boyfriend as a  prop to marquee her...

IT is amazing how much they don’t get it.

By on Jan 29, 2020

And doubly amazing that they honestly believe they are the ones that do get it. In what universe do you get people to support you by mocking them? Now I could see if these men were sitting around a campfire at the deer lease and were making some jokes and the people you were making fun of were with you and knew you were making fun of them and they were laughing along but these fools are on worldwide TV and they are not making fun of in an affectionate way they are mocking what they don’t understand and I can guarantee they have never been at a deer lease.

Anyone hear about this on the news?

By on Jan 28, 2020

The night before a very large and very peaceful gathering of second amendment supporters in Virginia’s capitol a Black Criminal, Legally Barred from Owning a Gun, Shoots 15 People, Killing One in Mass Shooting at Black Night Club in Kansas City I wonder if we would have heard about this if the shooter was white? Methinks it would have been on EVERY station all day the next day. What do you think?   KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) — Police continue to investigate after a mass shooting took place at a nightclub Sunday night. Two people were killed, one of whom was the shooter. At least 15 people were injured. The shooter is identified as 29-year-old of Kansas City, Missouri. He has a record meaning he shouldn’t have had a gun, but he has several. Police said that an armed private security guard at the club shot and killed Swift about 11:30 p.m. just outside of 9ine Ultra Lounge located...

Today’s dem pols, KILL the BABIES – NO exceptions

By on Jan 27, 2020

This is a remarkable exchange but I think even more remarkable than this poor sick man telling a democrat woman to get lost if she won’t kill babies is his describing baby murder as ” this kind of medical care.” MEDICAL CARE? Medical care for whom, certainly not for the baby, the only one who needs medical care in these situations. Just look at platform of the dem party, “The Democratic platform contains language that says we don’t belong. We have no part in the party because it says abortion should be legal up to nine months and the government should pay for it. This is the position of sane people? And as an aside, just to show how despicable the media is, in the reporting of this article, as shown below, the word NINE is left out of the questioners quote even though it is clearly heard and all the other words are transcribed correctly. Just an oversight, I’m...