At Superbowl 2 Latinas demean ALL women and then there is this…

By on Feb 4, 2020

It would seem objectification is not enough for some really, really stupid, white, leftist women. How stupid are they? First, though they normally rail against the patriarchy, this past Sunday they applauded their own objectification as two of their heroes put on a strip show complete with simulated sex and close-ups of their most private woman parts. So how stupid are they? Well, apparently very as they are also willing to pay two opportunists $2500 to insult and laugh at them for being stupid white, leftist women. AMAZING.

White, Leftist Women Are Paying $2500 To Confront Their Own Racism At ‘Privilege Dinner Parties’

Groups of white, liberal women are paying upwards of $2500 to confront their own “racism” and “privilege” over salad and spaghetti carbonara at “privilege” dinner parties hosted by a new group called “Race 2 Dinner,” according to The Guardian.

Race 2 Dinner is designed to “smash your white fragility” and help women confront their “complicity” in “oppression” in a confrontational setting, the group says, but with the added benefit of food and alcohol, and facilitators who are also white, so as not to cause upper crust progressives any undue discomfort.

The program is the brainchild of Regina Jackson and Saira Rao, both of whom are outspoken progressives. Rao even has a track record of social media outbursts (including missives about how the American flag makes her “sick,” and how minorities who disagree with her are examples of “tokenism” and “gaslighting”), and as a failed Justice Democrats candidate.

For $2500, Jackson and Rao will attend a dinner for 8-10 white women and confront the guests about their white privilege. They ask questions like, “What was a racist thing you did recently?” and “What is your racism?” so that the women, most of whom are professed Democrats, can dig deep into their own lives and accept their biases, “however subconscious.”

Jackson and Rao target liberal white women specifically; they’ve “written off” the 53% of white women who voted for President Donald Trump as abject, admitted, racists or the brainwashed partners of Patriarchial leaders. But liberal white women, they believe, are positioned to take on the oppressive, white establishment.

“If they don’t hold these positions themselves, the white men in power are often their family, friends and partners,” Jackson told the Guardian.

“I’d spent years trying to get through to white women with coffees and teas – massaging them, dealing with their tears, and I got nowhere,” added Rao. “I thought, if nothing is going to work, let’s try to shake them awake.”

“Our mission is simple – reveal the naked truth about RACISM in America and UNLEASH YOUR POWER as white women to dismantle it. This isn’t the stuff of Trump, the KKK and Nazis. That’s easy, it’s obvious and denouncing it requires almost nothing of white folks,” their website blares. ‘What’s hard? Looking at yourself in the mirror and acknowledging that, as a white person in America, you are an active participant in upholding white supremacy. This isn’t personal. This doesn’t make you bad. This is systemic.”

“Our goal is to reveal to you what BIPOC have always seen: your white privilege, your power, your control and your complicity in all of the above. You are an integral part of this system,” the mission statement reads. “Are you willing to use this power to dismantle the hate rather than to uphold it?”

The change, they say, involves pain. And that’s what Rao and Jackson are there to do: make you feel pain.

The pitch seems to be working — at least for Jackson and Rao. They say they’ve been booked solid since they started holding the dinners in the spring of 2019.