Remember That the Democrats Sat While You Were Celebrated Last Night

I end a lot of articles about how the Democrats really feel about you by telling you to vote accordingly, but Trump’s State of the Union speech highlighted the Democrat’s utter contempt for President Donald Trump, you, and this country last night as they sat through almost every applause line that celebrated you doing well.

As the GOP highlighted in a video they posted to Twitter, the Democrats heard about the all-time low unemployment levels of the black community, the Hispanic community, the young adult community, and more. This should be a reason to celebrate. We should see our elected leaders getting to their feet and showing support, but instead only half the room decided to stand.

The other half, the Democrats, sat still, arms folded, and practically seethed at times.

As my colleague, Bonchie, wrote, Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar in particular sat during some stand-worthy moments including Charles McGee, the former Tuskegee Airman, or the death of Al-Baghdadi. They didn’t even stand for Stephanie and Janiyah Davis, a mother and daughter who will now be able to attend whatever school she wishes, and leave her under performing school behind.

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This is the same party that sat stock still and shook their heads when Trump said that a socialist takeover of the American healthcare system was not going to happen.

Democrats even sat during Trump’s announcement of the 1 trillion trees project to help the environment, which Democrats, the party that is always boasting about taking care of the environment, didn’t seem to care to stand for either.

This should tell you a good deal about what Democrats truly believe.

They want to talk about helping you be successful, but if you are successful in your own accord that’s not acceptable. They want to give you a leg up, but they want that leg up to not only be their doing, but they want you to be dependent on them after the fact with food stamps, free healthcare, and more.

They don’t really care about the environment unless there is some kind of socialist policy change attached to it.

They love to pretend like they’re the party of diversity and helping minorities, but when they’re successful without the government’s help then they count that as a loss. A reason to sit down and pout.

Do you see the pattern?

Unless they can have some form of control over your destiny or surroundings, they don’t care what happens to you. Power comes first, you come sometime later. This is an abusive kind of relationship the Democrats want to have. One where your dependent on them for a lot, and they can take credit for all your successes.

Their sitting down last night proved that they’re not willing to stand for you, just themselves.

Vote accordingly.