Idiocy on display.

By on Feb 22, 2020

While this article clearly cements liz warren’s bonafides as the pandering fool it much more condemns our society as one in need of a grown up. Of course the idea of men competing in women’s sports is ludicrous and it is even more ludicrous to be opposed to legislation that addresses this insanity but the real tell tale sign of how sick this society has become is inadvertently revealed in the closing sentence,

” Like Eastwood, Telfer previously competed on the men’s team before switching genders.”

BEFORE SWITCHING GENDERS???????? The author’s apparent acceptance of the idiotic premise is why we are where we are. Despite the idiocy that pervades the culture at this time that there are innumerable genders THERE ARE ONLY TWO AND NO ONE CAN CHANGE THEIRS. Agreeing with the idea of gender fluidity identifies you as a cowardly fool at best or an outright idiot at worst, either of which disqualifies you to lead anything, let alone the US. Indulging those who are either attention seekers or mentally deficient makes you more of a threat to society than these pitiful human beings who deny reality because you are affirming their delusion for your own personal gain rather than getting these people the help they so desperately need.

Elizabeth Warren Bashes Trans Athlete Bill That Would Limit Girls’ Sports To Biological Females

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Democratic 2020 candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren came out Thursday against a proposed bill in Arizona that would limit girls’ sports to biological females.

Republican state Rep. Nancy Barto’s proposed bill would bar biologically male athletes who identify as transgender girls from competing in girls’ sports. The bill comes as biological males who identify as transgender have racked up victories in girls’ and women’s sports.

“Trans athletes are not a threat,” Warren wrote on Twitter Thursday. “We need to protect trans kids — and all LGBTQ+ kids — and ensure they feel safe and welcomed at school.”

“I urge the Arizona legislature to reject this cruel bill,” the Massachusetts senator added.

Every Democratic presidential frontrunner supports the Equality Act, which would force public schools to expand female athletic teams to include biological males who identify as transgender girls.

The House passed the bill in May 2019 with unanimous Democratic support.

Transgender athletes have piled up achievements in women’s sports. A biologically male marathon runner is set to compete in the USA Olympic trials as a woman later in February. (RELATED: We Spoke With This Former Olympian About Transgender Athletes. Here’s What She Said)

Biologically male cyclist Rachel McKinnon won a women’s cycling world championship and set a women’s world record in October 2019.

June Eastwood, a biologically male runner at the University of Montana who identifies as transgender, was named the Big Sky Conference’s female athlete of the week that same month. Eastwood previously competed on the university’s men’s cross country team.

Franklin Pierce University runner CeCe Telfer won an NCAA DII women’s track championship in May 2019. Like Eastwood, Telfer previously competed on the men’s team before switching genders.