Earlier, RedState reported on a bit of a back and forth between Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ted Cruz. This came about after AOC proclaimed that VP Mike Pence “literally” does not believe in science, apparently not understanding what the word literally means, nor what science actually entails.

Cruz jabbed at her by pointing out AOC’s own penchant for ignoring science.

For some reason, AOC took this as a slight towards her former employment of being a bartender. Why she did given that Cruz never mentioned that is a bit of a mystery, but perhaps the lady doth protest too much.

She “clapped back” with this claim.

It shouldn’t go unnoticed that she doesn’t bother to answer Cruz’s question. If her credentials are really so stunning and qualified, then she should have no problem explaining what a Y chromosome is.

But what’s really hilarious here is that AOC’s claim of being an award winner in the field of microbiology is that this is what she’s actually talking about.

Here’s a rule I think everyone can agree on. If you are being challenged on basic science respond by refusing to answer a basic question, you aren’t allowed to cite your high school science fair award as an appeal to authority. Sound fair?

AOC, like many Democrat politicians loves science when it backs up her ideology. When it doesn’t, it’s simply ignored or redefined, whether we are talking biological differences between men and women, climate change, or abortion.

Regardless, even if AOC really had the credentials to make the claims she does, they’d still be objectively dumb. As her degree in economics shows, going to college does not make one correct, nor knowledgable about a given subject.

Cruz responded to her slap in perfect fashion.

Now that’s good stuff.