Another Epstein, Phillip Hainey did not kill himself. SO WHAT?

By on Mar 15, 2020

Unlike epstein, however, congressman, Louie Gohmert is looking into the death of his friend. SO WHAT? Will anything ever come of this? Nothing ever seems to come of the deaths of men who supposedly know too much. Why is that? And what happens to the information these men supposedly have? Surely these men are wise enough to set up dead man switches. Surely these men have their information digitally located in more than one spot. How does their information and proof always seem to disappear with them?

Let’s take this guy Hainey, was a whistle blower years ago, supposedly had more information, his friend is a powerful congressman, and he ends up dead. What happened to his previous whistle blowing? If his information was so damning that someone would kill him why hadn’t the congressman already acted on it? We are asked to believe Hainey has this info and he hasn’t shared it with the congressman yet he has shared his upcoming wedding plans? Gohmert or know Gohmert this story goes the way of the espstein story. Speaking of which, whatever happened to Ghilaine Maxwell and all the video from epstein’s island and his Manhatten apartment?

Frankly, it doesn’t make sense. Sure, dead men tell no tales but why don’t any of these men ever speak form the grave?

Rep. Gohmert on DHS whistleblower’s death -Hard to believe it was a suicide

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