Mind boggling how stupid some people are.

By on Apr 3, 2020

Even more mind boggling is that people vote for people who are this stupid. Honestly, if this wasn’t recorded and someone told me about this I am not sure I would believe it. I find it hard to believe ANYONE can be this stupid.

Houston Mayor pleads with criminals to take a break until the pandemic is over

The dangerous magical thinking that criminals will stop being criminals and obey new laws such as “Universal” background checks verges on insanity in the midst of a crisis.

At any other time, a mayor asking criminals to not act like criminals would almost be amusing. But, in the midst of the Chi-Com Virus pandemic, it shows a dangerous mindset that belies the true nature of the authoritarian left. It shows that leftists think criminals can be reasoned with and that they will somehow obey the law. That they think of this as just a battle between criminals and law enforcement, with the innocent out of the picture.

It also insanely implies that it’s okay to break the law during normal times.

Leftists used to at least try to maintain the pretense of being advocates of liberty. Especially since they incessantly imply this with their self-labeling as ‘liberal’. Now in the midst of this ‘serious crisis’ they’ve dropped the mask and have gone full-on authoritarian, declaring basic human rights as ‘non-essential’.

There are those who insanely think that criminals will obey new laws when they have flouted the old laws. A mindset that layering on a new set of controls on everyone’s liberty will somehow see criminals obeying the law.

That “universal” background checks will somehow stop the lawless from getting their hands on a gun. It’s the magical thinking that lawbreakers will somehow obey the law this time around and stop them from obtaining their tools of the trade.

The bottom line is that new restrictions on freedom will only impact the innocent, leaving criminals and the government with more of an advantage over the people.