A simple question. What type of person has a picture of Che Guevara in their living room?

By on Apr 14, 2020

What millennial even knows who Che was?  Seriously, ask around, no one born after 1965 has any idea who he was and certainly no idea what he was about.

Andrew Cuomo’s Daughter Quickly Deletes Tweet Showing Che Guevara Photo In Living Room

And the picture is framed!

For anybody to have a framed picture of Che Guevara in their living room speaks volumes.

But it’s even worse when you’re the daughter of the governor of New York.

Check out the tweet that was quickly deleted by Mariah Kennedy Cuomo

Ummmm…why does Andrew Cuomo’s daughter have a framed photograph of COMMUNIST MURDERER Che Guevara in her living room?!?! pic.twitter.com/1DVAnTzBQS