It’s not natural for us to be locked down in our own homes and told we aren’t allowed to be social with other human beings. Most adults, however, have managed to get through this difficult time without screaming at kids in a local park, blaming them for the coronavirus pandemic.

The Trentonian reports – A math teacher at Steinert High School in New Jersey, was caught on video this week shouting at a group of teenagers playing football in the park.

The teacher was identified by multiple sources as Nicole Griggs, who has been a township teacher for the last 15 years and also taught middle school, according to the district website.

One of the teenagers, a freshman at Steinert, told The Trentonian that he and a group of school friends were playing football Thursday at the former Homedell School, on the 500 block of East Franklin Street, when Griggs stopped to admonish them from behind a chain-link fence.

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The woman identified as Ms. Griggs is seen wearing a gray sweatshirt and walking her dog, as she hangs over the fence surrounding the park, and begins screaming at the kids.

“Am I screaming loud enough so you can hear me over your music?” the woman asks the boys.

She yells at them over the fence, “The park’s closed! You will get arrested if the cops come!”

“Wait, can we go over there?” one of the boys asks.

The teacher goes off again, yelling, “The park’s closed—the whole area! Get it through your thick head! You are the reason we’re in this position. You are the problem—not the solution.”

“Go ahead, keep recording. Who you gonna show it to? What are you gonna do—post me on social media?” she asks. “You’re the idiot, not me. I’m just trying to save your lives!” she screamed.

She continued with her rant, as she turned up the heat on her rhetoric, telling them she hopes they die from coronavirus. “But die! I hope both of you get the coronavirus. I hope you both die a long, painful death!” she yelled, as the video ends.

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