By on Apr 27, 2020

The MUCH more important question would be – WHY?

 – At least one other serious illness involved in over 99% of NYC alleged C-19 deaths!

Every day, the media makes sure you hear the latest official “death toll.” Some days you’re even hit with an ever-more-frightening update two or three times.

But most of us know that the number incessantly being drummed into our heads isn’t a “death toll” at all.

It’s really a death CERTIFICATE toll; and they are most definitely NOT the same thing.

Even under normal circumstances, those dying of other deadly illnesses who passed on a few days or even minutes earlier because of COVID-19 would be included. But circumstances aren’t even close to normal.

Doctors Fauci and Birx have both explicitly said that anyone dying with the virus is getting counted among its fatalities regardless of whether it played any role in their death. Given that 4/5 of infections cause only mild symptoms and 1/2 none at all, the intentional conflation of dying WITH COVID-19 and dying FROM it is no small thing.

Nor is it anywhere close to the only inflating factor.

The CDC has explicitly instructed physicians to cite COVID-19 on death certificates even without a confirming test so long as they’ve “assumed” it was a contributing factor. The assumption can be for any reason they like, and that includes no reason at all. Hospitals have also been given enormous financial incentives to diagnose patients with COVID-19.

That daily number being crammed down your throat is being blown up from a perfect storm of conditions that have to be massively inflating the real number of Americans that would still be alive if not for COVID-19

The only question is: How much?

Given the environment of encouragement and incentives that, whether intentionally or not, has been created; it wouldn’t be at all shocking if a third of the death certificates citing COVID-19 belong to people who would have passed away from other causes regardless.

It wouldn’t be too shocking if half did.

It wouldn’t even be all that shocking if three-fourths of COVID-19 death certificates turned out to be false positives.

But now, data is coming out of New York City that’s raising a possibility that really is shocking.

On Friday, the former chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University Medical Center published an article with a wealth of data showing that we need to “stop the panic and end the total isolation” because COVID-19 isn’t any more lethal than the seasonal flu.

But some of the data indicates that it may actually be far less lethal.

In New York City, around 12,000 people have supposedly died from COVID-19 at the time of this writing. That’s 22% of all alleged U.S. deaths.

Around 7,000 of the NYC deaths attributed to COVID-19 have been thoroughly investigated to determine if there was another serious life-threatening illness present

Take a deep breath if doing so hasn’t been outlawed where you live.

99.2% of those 7,000 New Yorkers who supposedly died from the virus had another antecedent life-threatening illness. For all intents and purposes, that’s all of them.

How is it even remotely possible that 7,000 NYC deaths attributed to COVID-19 were investigated and virtually every single one of them found to have involved at least one other life-threatening illness if the virus is in and of itself deadly?

Most strains of coronavirus that affect humans are common cold viruses.

In light of the apparent almost universal prevalence of at least one other deadly disease among the alleged NYC deceased…

And in light of all the factors massively inflating the bogus death tally we’re being fed every day…

What reason do we have to believe COVID-19 is actually killing anyone?

No one knows how many Americans have really died of COVID-19.

Since patently inflated death certificate tallies are being palmed off as providing the answer, no one must want us to know.

But given the data now coming out of New York City, as difficult as it is to comprehend, it’s not impossible that no one is dying of it.

It’s not out of the question that the COVID-19 virus is just like most of the other coronavirus strains, a mere common cold.

It’s not impossible that the whole thing is just one big hoax.

It’s long past time the politicians and bureaucrats responsible for abridging our most basic rights stopped feeding us obviously garbage numbers and made a serious attempt to determine how many Americans were actually killed by COVID-19 who would otherwise still be alive..

And, though it’s a hard pill to swallow. Until they do, we can’t trust anything they say.

Data is coming in from all sides indicating that COVID-19 is no worse than the seasonal flu. But, given that virtually every New York City death attributed to the virus appears to have involved at least one other life threatening ailment, it could very well be not even close to nearly as bad. COVID-19 might be nothing more than a common cold.

The extent to which the politicians and bureaucrats in charge may be leading us astray has become almost impossible to comprehend.