A thinking person would at least ask why, or is it true.

By on May 20, 2020

Blacklist Exposed: Top Seven Banned Coronavirus Questions

  • Posted by Renee Nal
  • On May 20, 2020

A coordinated intimidation effort has been made to lead citizens away from digging too closely into certain aspects of the Chinese coronavirus. The left has so politicized the pandemic that it is difficult to trust anything related to the response and even the virus itself.

It is also now known that there is a shocking concerted effort using taxpayer-funded technology to squash any praise of President Trump’s coronavirus response, including his highly appropriate travel ban implemented on January 31, 2020 over a month before New York City officials were still telling people to dine in Chinatown and take public transportation.

As reported at Fox News:

“An anti-Trump Democratic-aligned political action committee advised by retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal is planning to deploy an information warfare tool that reportedly received initial funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Pentagon’s secretive research arm — transforming technology originally envisioned as a way to fight ISIS propaganda into a campaign platform to benefit Joe Biden.”

RAIR Foundation USA does not claim to have the answers, but has compiled a list of perfectly legitimate, unanswered questions one dare not ask or risk the condemnation of the hard left mob that has hijacked the mainstream media.

1.) What is the origin of the Chinese coronavirus?

As observed at RAIR, it is known that the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is a coronavirus that escaped a lab in Beijing, and that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) covered it up. In the case of the latest coronavirus, it is known to have originated in Wuhan where the CCP claims that the virus was likely transmitted from animals to humans. While the CCP has promoted the origin of that being in the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, or the “Wet Market” which sells live animals for food, this theory is in question.

Wuhan, however, houses the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is known to have been studying coronaviruses.

In bats.

That could transmit to humans.

But if one dares to speculate on whether the coronavirus originated in a lab, one is labeled in the most derisive way possible as a conspiracy theorist. Senator Tom Cotton has been at the forefront of asking excellent, assertive questions about the origins of the coronavirus from the beginning.

Here are some headlines smearing those who dare ask the question:

Compilation of headlines

2.) Was the coronavirus a biological weapon?

This particular question is often misattributed to those who question the origin of the coronavirus in an effort to smear them, which is why this question is #2 on RAIR’s list. Nonetheless, it is a perfectly reasonable question. Questioning the origin is quite different then questioning the motive behind the coronavirus.

French virologist and Nobel Prize winner, Luc Montagnier, for example, “proclaimed he is one hundred percent certain the virus was designed by molecular biologists,” as reported at RAIR. Montagnier took great pains to clarify that he was not speculating on motive. “My job is to present the facts, I do not blame anyone, I don’t know who did this and why,” he said.

The Chinese Communist Party has great ambition to become the world’s dominant superpower. It is not even a secret. This is evident in their Belt and Road Project, which very likely influenced World Health Organization’s (WHO) Ethiopian leader Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to such a vast extent that he was more than willing to assist in the Chinese Communist Party’s cover-up of the pandemic.

The CCP is hungry for power. It evident in their militarization of the South China Sea, their exploitation of Hong Kong, their treatment of Japan over the Senkaku Islands, and their aggressive moves on Taiwan. On March 5, Chinese propaganda outlet Xinhua alluded to cutting off America’s medical supplies, which would result in America being “caught in the sea of ​​new coronavirus.” (Google translated)

The Chinese Communist Party is more than willing to persecute Chinese citizens. Christians, Uyghur Muslims and Falon Dafa practitioners are persecuted and their organs are harvested. There are literal indoctrination camps in Xinjiang.

Consider this from the Tablet:

In China, where 5,500 churches were destroyed, closed down or confiscated during 2019, over 90 million Christians are subject to electronic surveillance and biometric tracking.

So is it that much of a stretch to suggest that just maybe, the research being conducted in Wuhan had an underlying, evil intent? Of course not.

3.) Why was Italy particularly hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic?

There is something very fishy happening in Italy, particularly in regard to their relationship to the Chinese Communist Party through the “Belt and Road” initiative, which now includes the “Health Silk Road” partnership.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in Rome, Italy, March 23, 2019. (Xinhua/Lan Hongguang)

As noted by David Vance at AltNewsMedia:

“Many Italians in Northern Italy have sold their leather goods and textiles companies to China. Italy then allowed 100,000 Chinese workers from Wuhan and Wenzhou to move to Italy to work in these factories, with direct flights between Wuhan and Northern Italy. This continued post outbreak, so is it mere coincidence that Northern Italy is now Europe’s hotspot for Corona Virus? (emphasis added)

RAIR has also reported on the guidance provided to medical professionals from the Italian College of Anesthesia, Analgesia, Resuscitation and Intensive Care. The guidance from March 6, 2020 delves into extreme rationing. It stresses:

“…criteria for access to intensive care (and discharge) may be necessary, not only strictly of clinical appropriateness and proportionality of care, but also inspired by a criterion as shared as possible of distributive justice and appropriate allocation of resources.” (author emphasis)

In plain language, certain individuals would be left to die in a time of crisis, a well-established socialist value.

Health Silk Road

Anyone paying attention to CCP propaganda knows that the so-called “Health Silk Road” initiative is a path to globalism, and China’s way of amping up the narrative that they are the great protector as Europe and America supposedly struggle with the coronavirus. On March 16, 2020, Italian news outlet Tgcom24 reported that China is ready “to work with Italy to contribute to international cooperation in the fight against the epidemic and to build a Health Silk Road.”

Asia Times reported on the alliance in April, in which China would provide resources to fight the Coronavirus to Italy, explaining that the “Health Silk Road” was “in fact already inbuilt in the Belt and Road Initiative playbook since at least 2017, under the framework of enhanced, pan-Eurasian health connectivity. The pandemic only accelerated the timeline.”

The article continues:

“In a graphic demonstration of soft power, so far China has offered Covid-19-related equipment and medical help to no fewer than 89 nations – and counting.”

The CCP propaganda outlet Xinhua gushed over the partnership, reporting that Prime Minister Conte “noted that the Chinese government has taken resolute measures to effectively control the epidemic, which has greatly encouraged and provided reference for Italy and other countries, adding that Italy congratulates China on the achievement.”

With all this in mind, consider that allegations have been made that the high coronavirus death toll in Italy has been heavily inflated in order to terrify citizens into accepting a dictatorship. As reported at RAIR, on April 24, 2020, Vittorio Sgarbi of the Forza Italia party “denounced what he claims are false coronavirus death statistics.”

Watch his powerful speech, translated exclusively for RAIR Foundation USA:

On August 18, 2017, World Health Organization Chief and CCP Pawn Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus brought a delegation to the Belt and Road Forum for Health Cooperation where he unsurprisingly addressed an audience in Beijing titled “Towards a Health Silk Road” in which he praised President Xi’s proposals as “indeed visionary.”

4.) How inflated is the coronavirus death toll?

At the Coronavirus Task Force Press Briefing on April 7, Dr. Deborah Birx dropped a bombshell that “…if someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death.” It is not as if this should have been a surprise. In the CDC guidance for reporting cause of death, “death certifiers” are advised on “proper cause-of-death certification for cases where confirmed or suspected COVID–19 infection resulted in death.” (author emphasis)

Consider the ramifications of this. A person does not even need to have an official diagnosis to be certified as a coronavirus death. And even if someone died from something other than the coronavirus, as long as they have the coronavirus, that is to be the cause of death.

Screenshot from April 2020 CDC Guidance

As John Lott, Jr. points out in his excellent piece at Town Hall, the federal government is providing financial incentives and the recent CARES Act “adds a 20 percent premium for COVID-19 Medicare patients.”

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment reclassified three nursing home deaths as coronavirus deaths, “despite the fact attending physicians ruled all three were not related to coronavirus”. In response to a local news inquiry engaging in rare journalism, a spokesperson explained that the deaths were reclassified in line with the CDC guidance.

Senior Editor of Conservative Review Daniel Horowitz wrote about some particularly egregious cases of fatalities being falsely attributed to the coronavirus. Also in Colorado, a 35-year-old man who was found dead in a park in Colorado with alcohol poisoning was designated by the state as a coronavirus death – again overriding the cause of death put on the death certificate by the county coroner. “COVID was not listed on the death certificate as the cause of death,” said County Coroner George Deavers. “I disagree with the state for listing it as a COVID death…” he continued.

The CDC guidance was taken seriously. On April 19, Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker handed the mic to Public Health Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike to respond to a question about whether a teenager who reportedly died from the coronavirus had underlying conditions.

She responds in part:

“…technically even if you died of a clear alternate cause, but you had COVID at the same time, it’s still listed as a COVID death. So, everyone who is listed as a COVID death doesn’t mean that that was the cause of the death, but they had COVID at the time of death.”


In California, Horowitz added, health officials “coded the death of a 37-year-old who overdosed on fentanyl as a COVID-19 death.”

With all this in mind, consider that Dr. Deborah Birx now reportedly claims that fatalities may be inflated by 25%. Colorado, under scrutiny, recently revised their numbers downwards and other states should do the same.

As reported at RAIR, prominent forensic medicine professor Klaus Püschel, based in Hamburg, stated that the coronavirus is “completely exaggerated,” as “all fatalities he examined had serious previous illnesses which would have soon resulted in death with or without the virus.”

Despite these facts, a smear piece at Forbes titled “Death Toll Conspiracy: Why Conservative Media—And Soon, Possibly Trump—Are Doubting Coronavirus Mortality Figures” by self described “Video game reporter” Matt Perez trashes journalist Brit Hume for giving credibility to a non-verified Twitter account highlighting actual data.

Perez, by the way, likes to retweet former President Obama and Democratic Socialists of America member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who claimed on March 11 that not “patroning” Chinese restaurants is “straight up racism.” Mr. Perez’s article is typical of the derisive, condescending and fact-evading political climate now infesting the mainstream media.

5.) Why are citizens still under lockdown?

Despite the fact that the models that shut down the planet are proven to have been faulty, and the hospitals are empty, the lockdown continues. The average age of those who succumb to the coronavirus is 75, according to the CDC. Based on local reporting, the average age in South Carolina is 75, with “the highest percentage of the state’s COVID-19 victims [being] 81 years of age or older”. In Michigan, the data mirrors that of South Carolina, with the average age at 76, with 41% of fatalities at 80-plus. The average age of fatalities from the coronavirus in Massachusetts is 82. This detailed and well-sourced article at Breitbart reveals similar data in other states.

As Horowitz notes, “most estimates show the infection fatality rate for people in their 30s is roughly 0.007%.” With that in mind, Horowitz continues, “[A] typical 35-year-old has a 0.17% chance of dying in any given year … of anything.” He produced a chart prepared by Dutch economics magazine Economisch Statistische Berichten (ESB) which quantifies “the infection fatality rate for the Dutch population based on age bracket.” Pay particular attention to the red column, which shows that the chance of fatality does not reach even 1% until one is in the 70 plus range.

Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi from Bakersfield, California conducted “a little over 6,000 tests, with about 450 positives” in one of their urgent care facilities. Based on their clear expertise, the doctors arranged for a press conference to reveal their educated opinion that lockdowns were not only unnecessary, but potentially harmful in the case of the coronavirus. During their presser, they reaffirm that healthy people do not need to be quarantined, but we should quarantine the sick and take special caution for vulnerable populations.

Watch the “controversial” video of Doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi, whose sober and thoughtful analysis of the downsides of the lockdown was removed from YouTube “because the content contradicted the guidance of the local health authority:”

Watch this follow-up interview with doctors, as well.

The media appears desperate to minimize the truth of the statistics, propping up outliers, or in this case, stories about younger people who reportedly died from the coronavirus.

For example, the New York Times breathlessly reported on a teenager who died from the coronavirus in an article headlined “Teenager’s Death in California Is Linked to Coronavirus” which quoted the Los Angeles County health department: “Covid-19 does not discriminate by age, race or income level.” The death turned out to be unrelated to the coronavirus and the New York Times had to update their article.

6.) Are the real ‘war zones’ nursing homes?

The Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity (FREOPP) posted actual data which indicates the number of coronavirus deaths that occurred in nursing homes and assisted living facilities by state. The numbers are shocking. In 22 states, fatalities in nursing homes account for over 50% of the documented deaths, with Minnesota topping the list with a whopping 81.7%, even though residents in such facilities account for less than one percent of Minnesota’s population.

Considering that the coronavirus targets elderly populations, it makes sense that nursing homes are heavily impacted. But there are valid questions to be asked about the reliability of the fatality data and policies from some local governments that compel nursing homes to take on coronavirus patients. A British problem as well, one health official asks:

“Why would we put them into an environment where there are other vulnerable people at risk?”

As observed by Daniel Greenfield of FrontPageMag:

“The lockdown model sought to flatten the curve by preparing hospitals for a massive influx of patients by clearing out everyone including elderly patients, who were sent back to nursing homes. The hospitals, with a few limited exceptions, were not overwhelmed, but the nursing homes were.”

Greenfield points out, importantly, that “the worst death tolls were in state nursing homes.” As America focused on assuring that hospitals were well equipped to handle an influx of patients, nursing homes were often overlooked.

Daniel Horowitz notes that NEW fatalities from the coronavirus are almost all now occurring in nursing homes:

“…not only do deaths in nursing homes now compose more than 50% (and in some states as high as 80%) of total deaths from the beginning of the entire epidemic, that percentage is sharply increasing in every state day by day. This means that nearly all the new deaths, depending on the state, are occurring in nursing homes.”

Considering that they are ground zero for the coronavirus, it is shocking that nursing homes have not received more support.

7.) Why is the media promoting a fake narrative about “hate crimes” and “stigma”?

From the beginning, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and their evident allies have attempted to shift attention instead to “stigma” and a completely false narrative that hate crimes are escalating against Asian Americans, as well as Asians abroad.

In a much repeated “intelligence report” from the FBI’s Houston office evidently warned that “hate crime incidents against Asian Americans likely will surge across the United States, due to the spread of coronavirus disease…” (emphasis added) according to ABC News. CNN then used that inappropriate and political FBI warning to claim that “Chinese and Asian Americans are now experiencing increased hate crimes due to the coronavirus global outbreak.” There is ZERO evidence of this claim, yet it is repeated ad nauseum by the irresponsible fake news media.

ABC News continues to explain that the FBI “makes this assessment based on the assumption that a portion of the US public will associate COVID-19 with China and Asian American populations.” (emphasis added)

“The greatest enemy we face is not the virus itself,” declared WHO Chief and Marxist revolutionary Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus during a speech on February 15, 2020. “It’s the stigma that turns us against each other. We must stop stigma and hate!”

Even the CDC is pushing the stigma garbage. It appears that the swamp is alive and well.


It is practically guaranteed that when “news” articles use phrases such as “conspiracy theory,” or claim legitimate observations are a “myth” or “fringe” or “debunked” -without actually providing evidence of said debunking- a narrative is being promoted. Another common headline derisively condemns the always-undefined “far right”, claiming that “experts” know better. It typically takes only a cursory glance on social media to find that the “experts” cited are highly partisan.

The moral of the story: Never blindly accept a narrative from the mainstream media, particularly when they sneer condescendingly that a “conspiracy theory” has been “debunked.”