What the heck is going on here?

By on Jun 1, 2020

It would appear that in Minneapolis the rioting, killing, burning, stealing and pillaging can go on but the law abiding, (and I know those taking the video are law abiding  because they are wearing masks in their own house -imagine, a mayor who lets his town burn but forces the law abiding to wear masks in their own house), who are on their own front porch get paintballed. Now, I understand curfews and instructions but this sure looks a lot like Marshall Law. Perhaps these guys are on their way to paintball the looters but it sure looks like there are two rules of law in this country, at least in the democrat cities and states. I mean, is it just some happy coincidence that only democrat controlled areas are on fire? Criminals can do what they want, steal, burn, destroy, lie under oath, defy subpoenas, censor free speech, make up the news, destroy email, shake down foreign countries, sell their souls and nothing ever seems to happen to them but those who just wish to be left alone can’t even sit on their own front porch.