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By on Jul 4, 2020

According to every Democrat in America, you should not step outside your house without your mask on, for safety and unity reasons, unless of course, you are protesting something anti-police or anti-Trump. That is the only time you are not susceptible to catching Covid-19, by the way. The entire mainstream (chemical) medicine community supports this theory, as well as every Democrat Governor. So when it’s time for a Trump rally or to celebrate the REAL independence from tyranny, all of a sudden Covid-19 is back on the prowl, re-activated by Trump supporters who dare to leave their home without a mask in order to watch some fireworks and scream for the Republic (or to attend a rally to vote out the socialist nut-jobs).

How dare Trump tell people to gather when it’s not even for BLM domestic terror riots. How dare these “patriots” gather on July 4th and stand shoulder to shoulder, waiving flags and caring about something they call “independence.” They must wear masks! They must maintain social distancing of 6 feet! Stop or you’ll kill grandma. Our advice: Make a protest sign and it’s all “legal” because you’re just exercising your 1st amendment rights, just like domestic terrorists Antifa, BLM, and all those other fascist hypocrites.

Notice how the entire “lock down” farce fell apart when the George Floyd (planned) murder happened? Suddenly, if you hate Trump and want anarchy across America, you simply carry a protest sign that can say literally anything, and you don’t need a virus mask and you don’t need to maintain social distancing at all. In fact, if your sign reads “BLM” or “Antifa” or “No Laws!” or “All Police Are Bastards” then you can rob stores, rape people, set cop cars and precincts on fire, and not be arrested, ever. Plus, the Covid virus cannot attack anyone who’s destroying property or people’s lives, so you’re immune to it as you fight violence in America. How amazing those Democrats are. They’re all “in this together,” don’t you know. Now Nasty Pelosi and Hitlery Clinton are scolding Trump for planning rallies. It’s time to make those protest signs. Got a stick, duck tape, some cardboard and a sharpie? Then get to work, in the name of freedom and justice for all. Don’t forget who funded the Ferguson violence — George Soros and the BLM Democrats. They are the ultimate hypocrites. Watch and learn fast:

People do not like Donald Trump because of who he is, Donald Trump. According to all mainstream news of every medium (television, newspapers, websites, social media), Trump is a misogynist and a racist who hates immigrants, plus he’s white and super-rich, which must mean he’s evil. Most people believe mainstream media’s portrayal of him. That’s why millions of Americans who usually come out to watch fireworks and celebrate our country won’t this year, as they’re consumed by paranoia of coronavirus, fear of riots, and the worry that they themselves might look like they support Trump if they’re caught on camera with a miniature flag, having a good time.

This is the President who’s done more for this country in the last 3-plus years than the Democrats have in 40-plus years, including all the ones running for office now. This is just a friendly reminder of what the Democrats and their Gangster-Terrorist leaders are trying to do to this country. They want us all to think the whole country is about hate and division, when it’s most certainly not. In fact, most Americans are not biased at all, towards anybody, and we show everybody respect, no matter skin color, religion, country of origin or gender.

Keep America Great. Stay tuned to independent, truth media, be sure to turn off that damn television news, and burn that useless newspaper in your fire pit.

Obama says racism is in our DNA. Really? Racism is NOT in America’s DNA. Have you ever seen a bigoted baby? Children of all colors will run to hug each other on the playgrounds of preschools across this country, without even thinking about the differences between them.