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By on Jul 30, 2020

It’s Official: America Is Following China’s Lead – Contact Tracing Is Here – Say Goodbye to Freedom and Hello to State Control

By Joe Hoft
Published July 30, 2020

In May we reported on our concerns with contact tracing and our loss of freedom as a result of this practice.  We reported that contact tracers will track you and tell you what you can and cannot do. You will be a puppet of the state. You must do what they say for the greater good. Freedom will be lost forever.

We reported that Democrat states were promoting the idea of “contact tracing” and when you realize what it is, you will think you are living in Orwell’s 1984.
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot cheered the news that Chicago was hiring 600 tracers to track its citizens using the coronavirus as the excuse.  We then shared an excellent video (which has now been taken down by YouTube) that explained the madness behind contact tracing. In the video the following points were made:

  1. Of course John Hopkins offers contact tracer training (connected to the scary overboard coronavirus chart)
  2. Based on you coming in contact with a person who has COVID-19 you will be placed in total isolation for 10 days
  3. If you have no way of not sharing a bathroom you will need to be isolated
  4. If you are quarantined you will be isolated for 14 days
  5. A contact tracer will take care of your kids but you cannot leave your house
  6. If you eat at a restaurant and someone was found with COVID you will be quarantined
  7. Big government will video conference you and review your place to make sure you are isolated
  8. If you contract it your family will have to be quarantined for 14 days and completely isolated
  9. If you were on a train, at work or in a restaurant then everyone near you will have to be quarantined
  10. They say this is voluntary but will arrest you if you don’t comply
  11. You could be quarantined again, and again, and again
  12. Training encourages contact tracers to know you are doing this for the greater good
  13. The government will mandate you to take vaccines
  14. Apple phones are now upgraded to manage your phone for COVID contact tracing
  15. In India you have to show your app before getting on a train or taking a flight, etc.
  16. New Zealand has a code that will clear you based on your app status

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The government is asking for $100 billion to manage this process and force you to take vaccinations – (the video has also been removed by YouTube).

Communist China

Communist China is the role model for contact tracing.  Imagine a world where you can only enter a restaurant, business, taxi or any public or private entity based on your contact tracing score.  This is happening in China now.

According to Nowtheendbegins.com China is now implementing contact tracing:

Restaurants and malls are open, but to enter, customers have to activate a health code on their smartphones. The code tracks their movements and determines whether they have been to any risky places. Only those with green codes are allowed in. Many offices insist on green codes, too. A red code, or even an amber one, is the scarlet letter of 2020. You can have concerns about privacy, or you can have a functioning life. You can’t have both. Security guards with temperature guns man the gates at supermarkets and residential compounds, pointing them at the wrists of every person who wants to enter.

Of course, the ratings of individuals are determined by unnamed and unseen individuals.  Your phone tells them where you are.  Your access to everyday life is dependent on the state and how they rate you.  Someone, somewhere is allowing you to leave your house or not.  You can only do so with their permission.


We received an email from a concerned citizen (who we will keep anonymous) from Texas who believes the state is now gearing up for contact tracing.  The individual received a call from a number unknown to them that said the following:

The problem is the individual has not traveled recently and has barely left the house.  The call came from an unknown number and with the above voice message directing the individual to stay home for 14 days after arriving in Texas.  (The individual never left Texas).

After responding to the call and calling the number from which it came, the individual was directed to an individual claiming to be from the Texas DSHS (Department of State Health Services). Later in the day the individual received a response from the main DSHS email address stating that they did not have access to the information but a call from the number supplied would have been from their contact tracing team, ” trying to reach you.”

To think that this massive invasion of privacy is due to a virus that attacks only the elderly and sick and has a seven times less chance of killing a child than the flu!  Welcome to the world of contact tracing – say goodbye to privacy and freedom.