How stupid are Americans? This election will let us know.

By on Jul 17, 2020

Donald Trump’s List of 42 Disastrous Things Joe Biden Would Do as President By Breitbart, July 15, 2020 President Donald Trump on Tuesday listed over 40 different disastrous things that former Vice President Joe Biden proposed to do if elected president. “It’s probably never been a time when candidates are so different,” Trump said during a press conference in the Rose Garden of the White House. “We want law and order; they don’t want law and order. We want strong closed borders with people able to come in through merit, through a legal process; they don’t want to have any borders at all.” Trump revealed that he had his staff draw up a list of Biden’s proposals in recent weeks, noting his political turn to satisfy the hard left. “One of the things I just asked my people to do is just draw up for me, just quickly, some of the things that we’ve been hearing about over the last couple of...

Unmask the maskers.

By on Jul 17, 2020

Who is more likely to be correct, the doctor author of the article or doctor government? The first may actually be concerned with scientific truth, doctor government? well, they could be concerned with many things and you may use your own judgement as to how insidious or nefarious or evil those things are, but you can take it to the bank that at the top of their list isn’t truth, scientific or otherwise. One more question, what possible reason could Rancourt have to research and write such a piece? is he interested in spreading disease? Does he just want to see people’s smiles? Contrast that with what you know about government (and throw Bill Gates in there just for fun.) The Science is Conclusive: Masks and Respirators do NOT Prevent Transmission of Viruses Dr. Denis G Rancourt, PhDresearchgate.netMon, 20 Apr 2020 20:47 UTCComment: The following review of the scientific...

Learn something. Don’t be blind sheep your whole life.

By on Jul 16, 2020

Democrats blocked the first attempt to ratify the 13th Amendment (abolishing slavery) in 1863Democrats unanimously voted against the 14th Amendment giving former slaves citizenshipDemocrats unanimously voted against the 15th Amendment giving former slaves the right to voteDemocrats form the Klu Klux Klan 1865Democrats instituted Jim Crow laws across Democrat led states, preventing African American’s right to vote.Democrats held the longest filibuster in U.S Senate history to block the civil rights act 1957Democrats refused to take up the Senate bill on police reform… June 2020President Abraham Lincoln (The first Republican President) abolished slavery.

Good thing we ate in Fort Worth.

By on Jul 15, 2020

Black Lives Matter started a riot at an otherwise peaceful restaurant in Dallas by attacking customers and staff. This is what Cultural Marxism looks like.— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) July 15, 2020 Black Lives Matter started a riot in this Dallas establishment with the sole purpose of creating chaos and anarchy. They wrecked the entire restaurant.— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) July 15,...

How much proof is required?

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BLM ‘activist’ Henry E. Washington arrested for killing a cop. Mainstream media yawns. Bothell police officer Jonathan Shoop was gunned down and murdered. His partner was shot as well. If this is new to you, keep in mind it happened Monday night, but mainstream media is silent. by JD RuckerJuly 15, 2020 One police officer was murdered and his partner was shot and injured Monday night following a pursuit of a vehicle that ended in a pedestrian being stuck. But the driver of the vehicle didn’t surrender, choosing instead to fire a weapon at the police SUV pursuing him. Black Lives Matter activist Henry Eugene Washington, 37, was arrested early the next morning after getting stuck between two buildings as he tried to climb down from his hiding place not far from the scene of the crime. Bothell police officer Jonathan Shoop, 32, was pronounced dead at the scene. His partner was transferred...