Biden is an idiot and Uganda only has 13 deaths

By on Aug 18, 2020

Then the Politico story also had this. You ready for this? Politico, you would think, is in the tank for Biden. But obviously they’re not. Politico is in the tank for Obama. Now, Obama’s not on the ticket. But try this passage from this Politico story. “Biden’s own academic career was unimpressive–he repeated the third grade,” meaning he didn’t pass the third grade, folks. “He earned all Cs and Ds in his first three semesters at the University of Delaware except for As in P.E., a B in ‘Great English Writers.’” Well, you know why. He plagiarized the great English writers and still only got a B.

He got an F in ROTC, reserve officer training candidacy. He got an F in ROTC. He graduated number 76 in his Syracuse University law school class that had 85 students. So he’s number 76 out of 85. “He’s the first Democratic nominee since Walter Mondale in 1984 not to have an Ivy League degree.” Don’t tell me it doesn’t matter to these people. “He was not a binder person, Clinton and Obama aides said.”

What does that mean? It means he doesn’t have a binder of people that he knows, he doesn’t have a binder of contacts, he doesn’t have a binder of this and that. He’s just an idiot. Politico essentially runs a story claiming that Biden is an idiot. Academic career unimpressive. Repeated the third grade. Got all C’s and D’s in his first three semesters, University of Delaware.

Uganda has 42 million people. That’s its population. Idi Amin Dada didn’t quite wipe them all out. Hydroxychloroquine is used every day and all the time in Uganda for malaria. There are lots of mosquitoes in Uganda right there in the middle of Africa, and they have huge malaria problem spread by mosquitos. So hydroxychloroquine is used liberally.

Do you know how many deaths have occurred in Uganda since the pandemic began? Try 13 — 13 deaths in Uganda — and they use hydroxychloroquine liberally for malaria, which is what it was invented for and which is what it was tested for. They’ve had 1,500 coronavirus cases in Uganda — 13 deaths, and 1,142 people have recovered — in large part because of hydroxychloroquine.