Israel: Vaccination provides ‘far less’ protection than previous Covid infection

By on Aug 20, 2021


According to reports from Israel: recovered Covid patients are “far less likely to become infected” than vaccinated people.

That data comes from Israel’s Health Ministry regarding the country’s latest wave of the pandemic.

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Source: Israel Health Ministry

The data reportedly shows:

7,700 new cases of Covid during wave starting in May

3,000+ (40%) were reported in people who had been vaccinated

72 (<1%) were reported in people previously infected

According to reports, 835,792 Israelis are known to have recovered from Covid. So 72 reinfections amount to 0.0086% of people who were already infected with COVID.

By contrast, Israelis who were vaccinated were 6.72 times more likely to get infected after the shot than after natural infection, with over 3,000 of the 5,193,499, or 0.0578%, of Israelis who were vaccinated getting infected in the latest wave.
Graphic by:
Source: Israel Health Ministry

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