Requiem for Independence

By on Jul 5, 2023


JUL 3, 2023

Growing up through the 1980’s one became accustomed to the Hollywood tactical employment of laser beams in movies and television to signal that a character was under the gun – a long gun, to be specific. This red dot would be noticed by the afflicted actor, and the behavior would change accordingly to signify defeat, often with a melodramatic flare.

These days the operators of cinematic gunplay have transitioned to the hyper-realistic use of infrared lasers and Night Observation Device Systems (NODS). The action is fast paced – the violence of action is palpable. The laser, however, is invisible to those so afflicted. There is no change of behavior with the presence of the green dot. Just a dampened 120 decibels, suppressed flash, impact thud, and a confirmed “tango down.”

This transition through cinematic history provides an adept analogy for where we find ourselves today in America. Look downward to your center chest. See the dot? No? That’s because you’re not looking through the correct lens.

The dot is there, but too many people in America deny the dot is there because they expect it to glow red, and there is obviously no red dot present on their chests. That’s normalcy bias, and the expectation that the current war will be fought in the same manner as the last.

Some of you expect Red Dawn: the paratroopers with an incomprehensible, but devilish sounding language shooting at civilians randomly. Some of you expect Normandy, and others Iraq. The fact is that you should expect exactly what you currently see happening, because the next war is here right now, and you’re already under the gun. This war is the first truly global war – there is nowhere information, and its effects, will not touch.

In an age plus-or-minus months to AI singularity, and already extremely advanced algorithmic systems running more of our lives than we can even understand, you carry the most advanced espionage spy device in human history in your pocket without a second thought. You use the internet with unique signifiers connected to your real name. You drive a car with both visual unique identifier (license plate) and electronic (GPS, RFID, cellular) tracking built in.

Perhaps in a more perfect world with benevolent overlords we might escape the penalty for our addiction to convenience. But here, in this world, you are already on lists of enemies, or of friends, and of criminals, or of those above the law, and of those to reward incrementally, or of those to crush opportunistically. The dot is already there.

Why do you think they keep reinterpreting ATF rules to make more and more things illegal, and more and more decent Americans potential felons? They’re not going to go door to door. Don’t be silly. Think. They will keep their actions below the threshold of provoking a counter-reaction for as long as possible. It’s for the same reason that they’re gradually making certain speech, or lack thereof, criminal – the same reason that they’re criminalizing money transfers over a few hundred dollars without reporting, and so much more. Why do you think they’re indicting Trump more than a cartel kingpin? They want a thousand and one options from which to choose to “justify” the system swallowing whole anyone deemed a threat. Take another look at your chest.

The crimes of our ruling family are rubbed in our faces daily. They want us to feel maximum anger so that their next blow, the slow rollout of anti-justice in which nobody is held to account and the innocent are sentenced to rot, results in maximum demoralization. But when you put your NODS on, you look down and see that glowing dot on your chest, you can also look up and glimpse the long gun, and beyond it to the man on the gun, and the movements of the enemy forces. You can begin to discern that getting caught up in the news cycle of “indictment!,” and “hearing!,” and “impeachment!” is a fools errand that makes you little more than the actor cast by your enemy to play that role for their enjoyment. They want you to play that role. That role results in your total nullification: you are rendered a noncombatant.

So, what don’t they want? They certainly don’t want you using discernment. They want you listening to their words instead of knowing them by their actions. They want you to acknowledge the labels nicely placed on everyone around you to help them control you, and they certainly don’t want you applying labels that conform to an objective reality in contravention of their own curated fiction.

When millions of illegals flow over the border they want you to believe they are inept overlords, not purposely importing a fighting force of military aged males from leftist nations to wield as a future paramilitary. When the GOP loses over and over they want you to believe they’re your allies putting up the good fight, not the controlled opposition intent on defeating their own base as treacherous traitors. When the President keeps doing things that appear to hurt the USA and help China after credible allegations of millions of dollars in bribes flowing, they want you to believe it’s coincidence, not elite capture.

The lesson is simple: put on the NODS, and through that lens see that the things that are happening are happening on purpose, because the players intend for those things to happen, and that the movements of the enemy are choreographed and purposed. Then, take those things you know are happening, and ask, “why would they do these things on purpose?”

You won’t like the answers, but it’s only then that you’ll truly begin to perceive the nature of this war that we are already in. Your duty then is to begin asking the next series of questions: “what else don’t they want me to know?” “What else don’t they want me to do?”

See through the lens. Become a combatant of information warfare moving the ball forward for team liberty, instead of the potato slowly sprouting in the wizard’s circle. Turn off the television and quit consuming information operations ad nauseum. Watch them once if you like and analyze them to determine their target and effect, then inform people to break the spell. And maybe consider ditching that espionage device in your pocket from time to time. After all, the dot is already there. Don’t make it easier for the bastards.

A nicely written and prescient article that suffers from the one affliction affecting nearly every other article in this genre. Namely, it fails to identify who “they” are. To be fair, I’ll include several examples of work that incrementally move towards the direction of explicitly naming who “they” are. It’s difficult and painstaking, so naturally you have to search for it because it isn’t typically given to you on your MSM TV Chyron.Example #1. How the CIA influences public awareness—by name: 2010 Rockefeller’s Operation Lockstep (a guide for using pandemics and other scenarios to control populations). Philanthropic (aka NGO) money laundering by name The government-corporate collaboration to push covid drugs on the public while indemnifying the pharma companies (in two parts). Part “a” is state propaganda for comparison. Part “b” is the expose.4a Example of state covid propaganda: Example of an expose of state covid propaganda (that names names): Who owns the world (by name) (1)REPLY (2)
Michael Belcher11 hr agoAuthorWho “they” are is less important than what they do. But, if we want to open up that can of worms, the “they” are the modern incarnation of the inner-circle cult acolytes of the ancient mystery religions, as modified through the ages, and generally being of a gnostic, Hermetic, and New Age bent – more or less the competing factions of secret societies.LIKE (2)REPLY
GregoryPatrick10 hr agoWill Zoll’s covers the ‘who’ extremely well.LIKE (1)REPLY