Seven Articles in Top Journals Showing Covid Vaccine Harms That Got Past the Censors

By on May 25, 2024


24 MAY 2024 5:00 PM

The COVID-19 vaccine pile-on in leading scientific journals continues apace. Public Health in Practice, published by Elsevier (which also publishes the Lancet), has released a short article by me, summarising seven must-read medical journal articles on the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials, and a few massively important observational studies. Below is a summary of the contents and how this came about.

This handy summary was effectively a (positive) response to Paul et al., which stated that it is wrong to “to discredit scientists who hold opposing views” and even noted that “an abundant literature has since depicted a far more nuanced picture of the effectiveness and safety of those [COVID-19] vaccines over the medium-term”.

Many thanks are due to the editorial team at Elsevier’s Public Health in Practice which published these important articles, and to the original authors who I understand were supportive of my article. May many more articles be published in The Science™, that ask legitimate questions about the sacred cow that is the jab. Even as we have to fight ongoing Government censorship.

Dr. Raphael Lataster is an Associate Lecturer at the University of Sydney, specialised in misinformation, and a former pharmacist. This article was first published in Lataster’s Substack newsletter, Okay Then NewsRead more on his research and legal actions, including his recent win against the healthcare vaccine mandate in New South Wales.