A fascinating Graphic.

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Difficult to see what explanation other than the obvious anyone could offer for what is presented here. Larger version can be found here.

Again, say what you will, this is more than just a bit peculiar.

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Bush Sr.’s speech at Gerald Ford’s funeral where he certainly seems to smirk when mentioning JFK;s assassination. http://thebrainsyouwerebornwith.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Bush-Sr.-Laughs-at-JFK-Shooting.mp4   If you care to follow this up with some interesting reading just take a look here…...

One Simple Question: WHY retweet this?

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Just Drop the Blanket – Some of God’s warriors are quite clever after all.

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Just Drop the Blanket: The Moment You Never Noticed in A Charlie Brown Christmas Jason Soroski 2015 14 Dec This week A Charlie Brown Christmas aired on national prime time television for the 50th time. In a world where the latest greatest technology is outdated in a matter of months, and social media trends come and go in a matter of days, 50 years of anything becomes quite meaningful. I am a fan of all things nostalgic and all things Christmas, and so when the two are combined I am hooked, and the Charlie Brown Christmas special falls squarely into that category. I was in the first grade back when they still performed Christmas pageants in schools (less than 50 years, but still a very long time ago), and our class performed a version of the Charlie Brown Christmas. Since I was kind of a bookworm and already had a blue blanket, I was chosen to play the part of Linus. As Linus, I...

Say what you will, this is simply stunning.

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The blatant and oh, so obvious magnitude of corruption here is the reason no one has faith in this country any more. Pay to play, extortion, call it what you will, there is no explanation that is even remotely believable and yet, on it goes. When will it end? Answer, it will never end because this is who man is at his core. So, it will never end until Jesus returns. And the reason it will never end is so that you will believe Christ will return. The historical proof of man’s evil nature should be more than enough to cause anyone to believe the Bible and the fact that it is not sufficient proof (for there is no other reasonable or rational explanation for the history of the world) should serve as proof positive that it is indeed true. Clinton Foundation: White Collar Crime of Highest Order Kevin Jackson – January 22, 2018 When you see The Clinton Foundation up close and...