What about the schools?

By on Dec 9, 2016

The dems as currently constituted are irrelevant however, socialism and communism as social constructs will never be irrelevant and it there we must never stop fighting but it would seem at this point those philosophies are being rejected not only in the US but worldwide. A much bigger concern in the US at this point than the dems is the egop. And why?
In the US the reason is simple, we had healthcare, the sale of infant body parts, same sex marriage and men in girl’s rooms shoved down our throats despite the majority loudly rejecting such lunacy. Unfortunately, the cowards we sent to fix it did nothing and so we have now sent a man who is not a coward and I do believe what you are going to see is going to make even you a believer.
How bad was the rejection?  Dems now hold total control of state government in only Ca., Hi., De., and RI.

As for your school concern, Trump has already appointed someone who denounces Common Core and is a great proponent of Charter Schools – you want to see education change well I do believe you are going to see it – when competition is introduced via Charter Schools you will see public schools change so fast your head will spin and once they change so will the Colleges.

I really think what you and the rest are missing is who Trump is. He is not some dolt, as I said well over a year ago, he is the most brilliant politician of our time and that is because he is not a politician. Everyone is looking at everything the way they always have and therein lies the mistake. Trump is really quite brilliant, he is not beholding to ANYONE and he does not view Washington as everyone who make it a career does.

Take the Air Force One tweet as one small example of what is happening and it will be happening in EVERY department. Trump does not view the government budget as infinite money and therein lies the biggest change coming down the pike and biggest wake up call to all the lazy, ignorant bureaucrats whose only concern is spending all the money in their budget so they can say they need more. Now, maybe it does cost $4 BILLION for Boeing to build two airplanes but more likely, they lobby whoever signs off on such expenditures and that clown has no idea how much it should cost, negotiates nothing, pays no attention to schedules, performance penalties or anything else and worse, could care less how much it costs since he is not spending his money. and worst of all, those charged with allocating the money and accounting for the money have the same attitude, they also could care less how much anything costs, could care less if it is completed on time and could care less if the price tag runs to 10 times the original amount.

Trump is about to change all that. Not the least bit a politician, a real businessman where the bottom line means something. Boeing is merely the first shot, he may not know how much it costs for all the sophistication they include on that monstrosity but he owns a huge plane and he knows how much that costs and he knows $4 billionis outrageous and that is going to be the modus operandi across all departments come January 20.

The msm is only going to become more and more outrageous. Stop watching and listening or, at the very least stop allowing what you hear to effect your thinking. Trump is not dumb, he is not a war monger, he is not a racist – in fact, you would do very well to believe the exact opposite of what the msm has to say about Trump and to apply the accusations and name calling as true of those making them.