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Here's a cleaner version. Wendy Bell / Common Sense.— Freyja™ (@FreyjaTarte) May 24, 2024

Exclusive: Feds secretly knew for years Joe Biden met with son’s Chinese partners on official trip

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Breaking Evidence Takes Biden Impeachment in a Whole New Direction@JustTheNews Founder and Editor-in-Chief @jsolomonReports says federal agents secretly knew for years Joe Biden met with Hunter’s Chinese business partners while on an official government trip. Solomon says House…— Real America's Voice (RAV) (@RealAmVoice) May 24, 2024 Hunter Biden wrote his father was so enamored with China’s communist leader “they all most kissed,” new evidence shows Federal agents gathered evidence during the 2016 election that Hunter Biden had used access to his father on an official government trip to Beijing aboard Air Force Two to connect prospective Chinese business partners with then-Vice President Joe Biden, according to a massive cache of documents recently turned over to Congress and obtained by Just the News. “They got to meet...

Seven Articles in Top Journals Showing Covid Vaccine Harms That Got Past the Censors

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BY DR RAPHAEL LATASTER 24 MAY 2024 5:00 PM The COVID-19 vaccine pile-on in leading scientific journals continues apace. Public Health in Practice, published by Elsevier (which also publishes the Lancet), has released a short article by me, summarising seven must-read medical journal articles on the COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials, and a few massively important observational studies. Below is a summary of the contents and how this came about. First up, a summary of the Doshi-Lataster papers or JECP4 (article one, article two, article three, article four), which regular readers will know all about, and which was recently presented on for the U.S. Senate (videos here). These primarily deal with the dodgy counting windows found in the clinical trials and also in observational studies which serve to drastically exaggerate the effectiveness and safety of the COVID-19...

Caution, lizards. This is wild. Open mind required.

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The world is controlled by a dark satanic cult— illuminatibot (@iluminatibot) May 23,...

TWITTER FILES – CIA There is nothing that hillary and hussein will not do

By on May 24, 2024 TWITTER FILES – CIAThe Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the most famous of the 18 US government agencies that comprise the Intelligence Community (IC) of the United States of America. Unlike the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the law strictly prohibits CIA…— Michael Shellenberger (@shellenberger) May 23, 2024 A CORRECTION AND AN ADDITION:— Three people, Jankowicz, Schlein, and Kaplan, not just one, got back to us. We incorporated their comments in the thread above, but the first post incorrectly says only one person did.— Attached is Zatko's email pushing the Harvard…— Michael Shellenberger (@shellenberger) May 23, 2024 Thank you Michael.. I covered the Twitter Files – Brazil, and now I’ll cover your reporting in detail for the Twitter Files – CIAVideo...

Oklahoma City: another lie

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This is well documented information contradicting the patently false, official account of the Oklahoma City bombing of April 19, 1995— illuminatibot (@iluminatibot) May 6, 2024