Trump – too many questions

By on Jul 18, 2024

Secret Service flagged would-be assassin as ‘threat’ 10 minutes before Trump went on stage “You would think over the course of that hour, you shouldn’t lose sight of the individual. Somebody ought to be following up on those sorts of things. No evidence of that happening at all,” Senator John Barrasso said. Hannah NightingaleWashington DC Jul 17, 20242 Minute Read Thomas Matthew Crooks, the 20-year-old gunman who attempted to assassinate Donald Trump at a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday, was reportedly flagged as suspicious by the Secret Service over an hour before the shooting, and that Secret Service marked him as a threat 10 minutes before Trump took to the stage. Senator John Barrasso, who attended a briefing with Senate lawmakers and the Secret Service, told Fox News, “He was identified as a character of suspicion because [he had] a...

Is the holocaust a lie? Intelligence is questioning what you think you know.

By on Jul 8, 2024

Holocaust? Who is doing the killing?