Don’t waste your time with anyone who can’t pass this quiz  They are incapable of reason.

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But the only question anyone should be asking themselves is WHY so many hoaxes against one man?

Lindell’s Election Summit: Citizens Report on the State of the States

By on Aug 26, 2022

By  Wendi Strauch Mahoney  –  August 22, 2022 All 50 states were represented at Saturday’s “The Moment of Truth Summit” in Springfield, Missouri. Citizen-led investigations into the 2020 election and, in some cases, data from the 2022 primaries were presented. After seven plus hours of watching Mike Lindell’s “State of the States” afternoon pow-wow on Saturday, four major takeaways emerged: 1) U.S. Voter rolls are egregiously poorly maintained. 2) Elected and appointed officials across the nation are either allegedly refusing to cooperate or actively blocking citizen-led election integrity initiatives, whether it’s to investigate machines or clean up the voter rolls. 3) Funding and lawyers are difficult to secure. 4) Despite the odds, citizens across the...

Unusual Toxic Components Found in COVID Vaccines, ‘Without Exception’: German Scientists

By on Aug 26, 2022

By Enrico Trigoso August 22, 2022 Updated: August 26, 2022 biggersmaller  Print 0:005:401  A group of independent German scientists found toxic components—mostly metallic—in all the COVID vaccine samples they analyzed, “without exception” using modern medical and physical measuring techniques. The Working Group for COVID Vaccine Analysis says that some of the toxic elements found inside the AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna vaccine vials were not listed in the ingredient lists from the manufacturers. The following metallic elements were found in the vaccines: Alkali metals: caesium (Cs), potassium (K)Alkaline earth metals: calcium (Ca), barium (Ba)transition metals: cobalt (Co), iron (Fe), chromium (Cr), titanium (Ti)Rare earth metals: cerium (Ce), gadolinium (Gd)Mining group/metal: aluminum (Al)Carbon group: silicon (Si) (partly support material/slide)Oxygen group:...

The Most Honest Election

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It’s now legal in Brazil to kill motorcycle thieves.  Compilation video is outstanding.

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