Hate and Love

By on Jan 27, 2017

Could the two Washington gatherings over the past two weekends provide any more stark contrast about the same topic? I don’t believe so. Last week we had women whose main focus was defending their right to murder their child. This week we had their counterpart, women whose main focus was not murdering children. You may twist it and paint it and spin it anyway you want but it is no more complicated than that if you care to get to the bottom line.

Without going into long explanations as to why what you saw could not be any more explicit. (Of course, you will be excused if you didn’t see any of this week’s march since the msm didn’t cover it but then that should scream volumes at you as well.) Last week we saw women acting disgustingly, we saw filth come out of their mouths, we saw them wearing filth and we saw the filth they literally left behind. This week we saw the complete opposite, we saw clean, upstanding women and men that did not spew one word of filth and left the place cleaner than when they got there.

To me it is obvious that last week we saw what Satan worshipers look like verses this week when we saw what those who worship the creator look like. You are not going to find a better example of what HATE looks like vs what LOVE looks like.