This is such a remarkable sight it looks fake

By on Feb 1, 2017

It looks fake because our minds have difficulty accepting that molten rock can pour out of the side of a cliff  or, at least that it can pour out in the quantity shown here. If have wondered like me  how people could be trapped by lava but if you look at how “liquid” the lava appears and the speed at which it is pouring out you and I need wonder no more. On a more worldly note, to believe what is shown in the video is merely the result of an interesting geological formation and not a demonstration and warning of how easily the Controller of the lava could cover all land with molten rock is to willfully deny what your eyes see.

‘Firehose’ of lava flows from Kilauea volcano into sea

Researchers from the USGS’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory captured dramatic footage showing a ‘firehose’ of lava flowing from the Kilauea Volcano and into the sea.

The video also captures littoral explosions as the super hot lava makes contact with the cold sea water at the Kamokuna lava tube.