How is this even possible?

By on Feb 3, 2017

When government and law enforcement officials get their jobs either by appointment or election do they not take an oath to enforce the law? Do they not vow to uphold the constitution? Are local officials not bound to the laws of their state? How in the world is it possible for sheriffs and mayors and town councils to not only disobey the law but to encourage, aid and abet others with breaking the law? How can the councilman in the story below say, “…“we are sharing know-your-rights materials with our constituents…”? What rights do those who have already broken the law have?

Look, I am as sympathetic to the plight of the illegal alien as anyone but somewhere along the line something resembling sanity has to return to this country. Assimilation is the key to immigration not the formation of the country you left inour country. From 1920 something until 196o something there was NO immigration into this country as all those from Ireland, Italy, Germany, Poland, Puerto Rico, etc. became AMERICANS and not a one of them is a hyphenated american. What is going on in these sanctuary cities is absolutely destructive, it is called balkanization and it is an intentional effort on the part of the left to destroy this country b dividing it into smaller parts that are hostile to each other.

Frankly, this story is simply incredible.

Illegals Urged to ‘Fight back’ Against Immigration Officials

An Austin, Texas, city council member is encouraging illegal immigrants not to comply with federal immigration officials.

Addressing concerns over “potential raids of our communities by Immigration and Customs Enforcement” which are rumored to occur this week, district four city council representative Gregorio Casar released an infographic informing illegal aliens how to defy federal law enforcement.


In a Facebook post Thursday, Casar said he could not confirm whether the rumored raids are actually taking place, but warned that “such assaults on our community are imminent given the anti-immigrant hate of our federal administration.”

“Trump and his allies will do everything they can to divide Americans, invoke fear in vulnerable neighborhoods, and demonize an entire community of people,” Casar claimed. “For this reason, we are sharing know-your-rights materials with our constituents, and posting them here.”