Proverbs 29:12

By on Mar 15, 2017

All the wisdom of the world is contained in the bible, all one need do is look for it and believe. Proverbs 29:12 is translated, “If a ruler pays attention to lies, All his servants become wicked”, in the New King James version but the Hebrew is a statement of fact that the Contemporary English Version translates, “A ruler who listens to lies will have corrupt officials.” Our modern English vernacular might be, A fish stinks from the head down, but the question remains which, which comes first, the telling of lies or the hearing of lies?

On the micro level this is everyone, everyone wants to be the ruler of their own life and be told what they want to hear (as Churchill’s quote below so accurately captures) and it rarely is the truth but because the world will not play along with your delusions you either grow up or become a college professor.

It is on the macro level where this truth becomes extremely problematic and I believe this is the wisdom of the proverb and no where is it more clearly demonstrated than in Washington D.C. If the President is a liar ALL his servants become wicked else they have no job and so he therefore will have NOTHING but corrupt officials. The proof lies in the last administration where the majority of servants were college professors. Just think about that for a minute and be glad this President is not surrounded with the same.

If you take the proverb to an even more macro level and accept the truth of it you can see why salvation can have nothing to do with you. Since the Great Deceiver is the ruler of this world and all are born his servants and since the ruler does nothing but lie and listen to his own lies it is hardly any wonder ALL are wicked and corrupt. And since all want to keep their job as long as possible, that is – live,  listening to the truth is quite impossible without the supernatural intervention of the light that allows you to believe that death has been conquered

Off to college we go.