It becomes difficult to decide which is more amazing

By on Mar 22, 2017

the mere fact that Maxine Waters has been a member of Congress since 1991 (26 years) or the combined IQ of those who elect her. This interview with a left wing shill who is trying to help her wherein she lays claim to be the only person in America who does not know what is going on says even more than the clip I have included below in which she claims 170 million jobs could be lost. Seriously, there are no shortage of useful idiots elected to Congress in the dem party but clearly there is even less a shortage of idiot voters in certain districts. Absolutely amazing that anyone could vote for this woman (13 times and counting).

Maxine Waters To Trump: “Get Ready For Impeachment”

Having demanded Donald Trump’s impeachment before he became President, called his cabinet “scumbags, and slammed him for supporting “Korea-invading Putin;” it appears Maxine Waters is doubling down, tweeting today that it’s time to “get ready for impeachment.”

As a reminder, Waters brought the crazy in January – before President Trump had been inaugurated, going so far as to suggest that the nicknames Trump used against all his political opponents, even Republicans, were fed to him by Russia.

“If we discover that Donald Trump or his advocates played a role to help provide strategy – if they’re the ones who came up with ‘Crooked Hillary,’ if they’re the ones who came up with, ‘she’s ill, something’s wrong with her energy,’ and the way that he basically described her during the campaign – I think that is something that would put the question squarely on the table whether or not he should be impeached.”

“So, you think you can commit an impeachable offense before you take office?” Matthews probed further.

“Well, I think that at the point that investigations discover and confirm and can document any of that role in helping to strategize – they had a role in attempting to determine the outcome,” Waters said, not answering the question.

She attempted further reasoning on the fly, again failing to deliver any logical conclusion:

“…In many ways they used the information they got when they hacked into emails etc. — if that was used against Hillary Clinton in some way, yes I think that’s impeachable.” Waters suggested

Matthews also suggested that “Russian television was running a lot of propaganda that Hillary was mentally and physically impaired. That was their – That was the propaganda message.”

“Do you believe that Trump is somehow being held hostage by Vladimir Putin because of information on his behavior?” Matthews then asked, despite the fact that the story was revealed to be totally fake last week.

“You know, what we have heard, not in the classified briefing, but in this information about the dossier that has been collected by the man in London on him,” Waters replied, “It talks about some things that appears to ring true based on what we have learned about Trump.”

That’s right, MSNBC are STILL pushing fake news about Trump as if it’s real. In fact, Matthews himself admitted last week that the dossier was complete “misinformation”.

Nevertheless, Waters continued to bring the crazy

“Ok, what I have learn or heard about the dossier, it’s about his involvement with women. It’s probably prostitutes that are involved and those kinds of things. And he has sounded that way. He has acted that way, and it gives you reason to think maybe something is to this and we need to find out more.” the Congresswoman declared.

“The only thing that I am focused on is credible investigations to bring out the facts. … If the facts are there, then I think we should move very quickly to do something about it. And if there was collusion, and any support for undermining our democracy, I think the president should be impeached,” Waters said earlier this month. “I’ve said that, and that’s where I stand.”

And today, following yesterday’s confirmations that there is no evidence of President Trump (or his team’s) collusion with any Russian officials, Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters is not giving up on her cunning plan“to lead him right into impeachment…”

As The Hill notes, doubling down on that call, Waters tweeted today… ” Get ready for impeachment.”

Does she know something that Comey (and the rest of law enforcement in America) does not?

Oh California’s 43rd congressional district should be so proud.


And here is the video in which she claims 170,000,000 people will become unemployed because of sequestration – stunning.

Say what you want but whatever you say do not say the people of California, at least in this district,  are sane.