Here is a list of Texas State congressmen that have to go.

By on Apr 28, 2017

The following is a list of self-identified GOP congressman who are really democrats. Texas is a great state and it will be even greater once we get rid of these corrupt, bought-and-paid-for LIARS. If you find your congressman on the list and don’t believe he is corrupt just do a little investigating and you will find that someone owns him. Ask yourself this, why would someone donate hundreds of thousands of dollars to elect a man or woman to a position that only pays $6000/yr?. If your rep is on this list just go and see where their money came from and you will find the corrupting influence. If your rep is on this list I can guarantee you someone owns them and they are not working for your bust interests but for the interests of their owners.

Religious bigotry? Do you see your “GOP” rep’s name highlighted? These are the ones who voted with lib extremists to deny Texans school choice.