For eight years.

By on Jun 24, 2017

For eight years conservatives endured the most anti-conservative, anti-American man as President and what did we do? Why, we went to work, we raised our families, we continued the responsible behavior associated with being a well grounded, mature human being. What did we do about the occupants of DC? We went to work at the ballot box and that was it. No one attacked a progressive, no one shot anyone and no one involved with the Republican party ever made comments like these.  Between the Hollywood fool comments, the disruption of republican town halls, the outright threats to congressman and the attempted murder of republican congressman while practicing for a charity softball game I think it is time to say that the difference between the two sides is not merely a difference of opinion. It is clear that one side thinks the only way to resolve anything is to silence the other side and failing that to eliminate the other side. The below is not a one off, these are a sick group of people and to say otherwise merely encourages them. It is time to get them some help.

Caught On Tape: Democratic Party Official Says He’s “Glad [Scalise] Got Shot, I Wish He Was F*cking Dead”

‘Progressive’ democrats in this country are seemingly becoming completely unhinged.  A party that is run by the ‘peaceful’ hippies of the 60’s who, at least at the time, considered themselves among the most vocal advocates of free speech, now openly supports the suppression of free speech on college campuses.  A party that abhors violence saw one of it’s voters last week carry out an attempted assassination of numerous Republican congressmen…not to mention the several violent protests that erupted after November’s election that resulted in untold amounts of property destruction.  A party that promotes itself as the party of women, simultaneously defends the ‘rights’ of people to practice Sharia law which specifically allows for domestic violence when women are ‘disobedient.’  The outrageous hypocrisy is truly mind boggling.

Meanwhile, just the latest example of ‘unhinged’ Democrats behaving badly comes to us courtesy of Phil Montag, the Nebraska Democratic Party’s Technology Chairman, who inadvertently got caught sharing his true feelings on Steve Scalise’s shooting:

“This motherfucker, like his whole job is to get people, convince Republicans to fucking kick people off fucking health care. I hate this motherfucker.  I’m fucking glad he got shot.  I’m glad he got shot.”


“I wish he was fucking dead.”


Meanwhile, Phil also seemed to get himself in some trouble last February after spending a little too much time on a Bernie Facebook page “trolling hard for hours.”



Perhaps Tom Perez of the DNC should take notice of Phil’s dedication…he’s recently unemployed and we hear the DNC is ramping up staff.