What can you say?

By on Sep 21, 2017

At the funeral for Dick Gregory, maxine waters, I would say made a fool of herself but, she was just being herself so I really can’t say that. Much more disturbing, however, than the ranting of someone who should really seek professional help is the behavior of the crowd. All I can ask is, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?

The video is more than amazing. Why don’t they get her some help?

While we should pray for maxine let us take some solace though. Maxine has become very popular and is now, at 79 (why are all democrat “leaders” older than dirt? Very telling in itself.), a very prominent face and a prominent spokesperson for the democrat party so, on one hand we should hope she gets the help she needs but, on the other hand,  we should encourage her to keep it up. The destruction these fossils who came of age in the 60’s are doing to the democrat party could not be matched with any amount of advertising.