The difference between a patriotic New Yorker and sheep.

By on Sep 23, 2017

I realize this is my second post on this today but this is just too good to let pass. The sheep are now being played like fish and they don’t even know it. The beauty of the art of making fools jump up and down shouting, “I am a fool”, is on full display.  New Yorkers are better at it than anyone else in the country but Trump is a master. Extending the lack of patriotism to the NBA this morning after denouncing NFL players for the ignoramuses they are last night Trump has likely succeeded in finishing off the NBA as well as the NFL and if you don’t think that loss is going to HURT the lying msm please think again.

I am sure everyone is familiar with the story, if not you can see the tweets here, but I must comment on this latest bit of genius by the Golden State Warriors as it so perfectly exemplifies that almost all that is wrong with this country is California’s fault. This is their response to being uninvited to the White House after Curry chose to make it political rather celebratory.

So, even though only the racist Curry was uninvited the “team” has taken it upon themselves to first lie, and then decide to go to DC anyway. WHY? So they can “CELEBRATE (this word absolutely kills me) EQUALITY, DIVERSITY and INCLUSION” all they needed to do was throw the word SUSTAINABLE in there and they would have ALL the words that the left use to deceive their incredibly unthinking, emotional sheep now fish. They are coming to Washington to CELEBRATE the EQUALITY of WHAT? the DIVERSITY of WHAT? the INCLUSION of WHAT? And just HOW the HECK do you CELEBRATE nouns?

Not one of them even knows. The two highest paid athletes in the world of sports right now, Stephen Curry ($34,382,550 Salary forget endorsements)  and Lebron James ($33,285,709 Salary forget endorsements) are trying to make the argument that there is not equality, diversity and inclusion – WHERE? I can tell you one place, the NBA. The NBA compensates on MERIT, so does the NFL, but apparently to those who merit the greatest compensation that is not fair for the rest of the world.

Oh, and James, if indeed Stephen had turned down the invitation it does not mean an invitation was not therefore issued.

We can only hope it keeps up as it is part of the redemption of this country. These people who should be heroes to young boys growing up are going down and when and if the sports rise again they will be filled with virtuous men who appreciate what they got and how they got it.

President Trump, KEEP ON FISHING, there are plenty more fish that need to be caught before you can MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN – but that was sure a nice catch today.