Pity or prayer?

By on Oct 2, 2017

Just heard a news report about the Las Vegas tragedy and searching for any explanation they quoted a “renowned” psychologist who said, “Most mass murderers are seeking revenge for some past slight”. I declare, without reservation, that the more you try to explain human behavior temporally the more wrong you are. The more you deny who is in control of this planet the more foolish you look. There is only one explanation for the behavior we saw in Las Vegas and that is possession. The poor man opened the door and Satan stepped in and in this case he really stepped in. The ignorance displayed in trying to contrive some explanation: this poor man did this because his father abandoned him or his mother ridiculed him or his priest raped him or the promise of 72 virgins (or olives) – any of these explanations or something similar  is simply so asinine but yet, that is what we will get instead of the truth because man so hates the light that he will do ANYTHING to stay in the darkness.