American Pravda 3

By on Oct 18, 2017

What’s funny about this series is how clearly it shows the deliberateness of tptb at these “news” organizations. It is not merely that the “reporters” and editors are left wing indoctrinees but that from the highest level the instructions are to destroy liberty all the while saying you are defending it. Not that shocking really when you consider ALL fish stink from the head down but still a bit disturbing. Disturbing because contrary to what the girl in this video and even O’keefe claim the msm is not so much motivated by money as they are by this ideology of destroying America. This is clearly demonstrated by the last nine years. The amount of scandal, corruption, collusion, lying and outright evil that took place in the last administration could have sold a lot of newspapers and generated a lot of clicks with even the slightest bit of investigation and reporting. This is true not only of the Times but of all “news” outlets. Their loyalty is not to their profession or their shareholders but to their self-righteousness or, more accurately, to the self-righteousness of the head of each particular sewer. Why do I say sewer? Look at this sicko, harvey weinstein, he is a mere representative sample of the type of person those at or near the top of many organizations and certainly all left leaning organizations become when they come to believe they are either above the law and/or they know more than everyone else. Nothing more than original sin on display for anyone not blinded by their own self-righteousness.