A tipping point? Now Unacceptable?

By on Dec 22, 2017

Huh? Perhaps it is just me but what is going on that someone can even say, let alone record, a sentence like this? In this article “reporting” on eric schmidt leaving google the author concludes with this statement from an anonymous source,

According to another source, “it could be just that, in the current environment we’ve reached a tipping point. It is now unacceptable for the head of a public company to be running around with multiple mistresses while his wife is at home.”

IT IS NOW UNACCEPTABLE? When did it become acceptable to be seen running around with multiple mistresses while the wife is at home? When did we become France? Is it any wonder these guys are all liberal democrats? The number one quality of being a liberal male (or female for that matter) is to place yourself first while proclaiming your undying concern for everyone else. Just look at the players in this sad tale and tell me one who is not first concerned with them self.

And what of the quoted source who apparently sees nothing wrong with the behavior but rather thinks a “tipping point” has been reached? What tipping point? The point where it is also unacceptable to cheat on your wife whereas before, as long as you didn’t use your position to force women into relationships with you, you could whore around all you want as long as it was consensual and your wife had more to gain by not leaving you? Sort of like bill and hillary, oh, wait, not quite like that, I forgot about Juanita Broderick.

So, can we trace it back to bill and hillary? Is that when it became acceptable to whore around on your wife? As long as it wasn’t sexual harassment, and even if it was, as long as you could shut the girl up that was alright but somehow that has become WORSE than CHEATING on your wife. Sexually harassing women is worse than infidelity.

All I need is for someone to explain to me how what you are doing to the wife is not worse than harassing.