Does the “explosive memo” expose these players?

By on Jan 20, 2018

I don’t think Tom Clancy could top this reality. Lots of good deciphering going on at 4chan but the real question is not who are they talking about but who is doing the talking.


These are private messages on the Gliph messaging service from 5/17/17, the day that Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel. The messages were hacked by someone using the handle Fresh Camel. The hacks were distributed on the dark web for deciphering shortly thereafter.

It’s important to note that the messages were written before the news on Mueller broke to the public.

Best-guess legend:

company=See Eye Aye

RR=Rod Rosenstein

RM= Robert Mueller

Limey=Louise Mensch

AEWP=Adam Entous, Washington Post, intelligence reporter

S= Peter Strzok

MF=Michael Flynn