Look at this story from The Hill—-

By on Feb 12, 2018

Gay US Olympians dig in on feud with vice president: ‘Eat your heart out, Pence’

Forgetting the content of the story as it is just more of the left’s continual assault on decency, virtue, morality and common sense wherein they try to define deviancy down by depicting the abnormal as normal. Worse, they have taken the absurd to such a level they now accuse those who are normal as being abnormal if they do not approve, nay, celebrate those who suffer from what, until 1973, was considered a mental illness as recorded in the DSM, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the bible of the psychiatric profession; considered abnormal behavior as well by almost all societies the world over many of which maintain that view today. Of course, any rational human being can simply look at the anatomy of the male and female and conclude that a sexual relationship between two of the same sex is abnormal as well as unnatural and a perversion of the natural order but that is too much to ask for those on left who are much more interested in victims, division, pain, suffering and their own power than they are in any human being.

But I digress. What I want to point out with this article are the tactics of the left and ask why they only work for the left. The left is incessant in their destruction of culture, morality, virtue and ALL things naturally common to all men. They are relentless. They care not if they are defeated they simply return again and again, perhaps taking smaller bites but always with the same end game in view and they eventually capture the day. It may take decades or even centuries sometimes but eventually they prevail and are immediately on to the next brick  they can destroy in the fabric of society.

How can this never ending and historically repeating very intentional and deliberate march to the sewer be explained? It happens to every civilization from the beginning of recorded history. It knows no cultural or geographic boundaries. And those promoting it NEVER stop. It does not matter if proponents DIE there are new proponents to take their place without missing a beat. And it’s not like their trained, it’s not like there is some collective that exists over the centuries and in all cultures and countries organizing the march to destruction. Why does it never stop?

On the flip side, why don’t those who oppose the cesspool march have anything even approaching the tactics and never ending supply of agitators and organizers those destroying the fabric of society have?

There is an answer for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see.