A well written piece that defines evil people.

By on Feb 20, 2018

With the scientific knowledge we have today coupled with multitude of families willing and waiting to adopt infants there is no rational argument that can be made for abortion. To say abortion is not murder is simply a lie so, if you defend and promote abortion you defend and promote murder. To say a fetus is not a human being is a lie so, if you defend abortion with this argument you clearly are quite incapable of rational thought. You are quite capable though of lying to yourself as well as anyone else who will listen. Are these really the type of people you want to listen to? If they are then you are the type of person who wants their stupidity and their sin justified by other men which makes you no better than those you are listening to and perhaps worse.

Kamala Harris Destroys Herself on Live TV

Sane people are wondering why Kamala is so intent on ensuring we tolerate a society where our babies are slaughtered.

Other than her stark political ambitions, most Americans probably couldn’t tell you much about Kamala Harris, the woman who succeeded Barbara Boxer as California’s latest cookie-cutter leftist in Washington, D.C. But with her comments following the tragic school massacre in Parkland, Florida, this much we all can know for certain: she has absolutely no sense of irony or self-awareness.

“[W]e cannot tolerate a society and live in a country with any level of pride when our babies are being slaughtered.”

Umm, Kamala Harris is sickeningly devoted to the legal dismemberment of children in the womb as a form of “women’s healthcare.” She raises money for facilities that do just that.

To her intended point, it’s true that too many young people are dying as the result of gun violence in America. No one can or should deny that obvious reality. Just one death certainly qualifies as too many. And it’s fairly apparent that Harris chose to use the word “babies” instead of “kids” or “teenagers” in referencing this recent tragedy because it evokes a more emotional response to visualize a defenseless infant or toddler.

But how any person who supports the cruelty of mutilating a baby in the womb who experiences the pain of having her limbs torn from her body – as Kamala Harris does unapologetically – can utter such a statement without any internal sense of irony is astounding. Worse, what it actually reflects is something far more sinister – an ability to consciously or subconsciously ignore such inconsistency for the sake of political posturing.

After incidents like the Stoneman shooting, Harris and her like-minded leftists all repeat the same accusation that Republican politicians are so beholden to the contributions and financial support of the National Rifle Association that they have chosen to willfully accept the deaths of schoolchildren in order to get elected.

Such a statement is heinously presumptuous. It assumes that:

  1. These Republicans only vote the way they do about gun rights because the NRA gives them money, rather than they vote according to their convictions and the NRA supports them because of those convictions.
  2. These Republicans consciously know and believe that supporting gun policies that Harris supports would end the killing.

Both assumptions are false, of course. But that’s typical political posturing. When you turn this same scenario around on Harris, however, where does that leave her?

Begin with the accusation that Kamala Harris has become so beholden to the contributions and financial support of the abortion lobby that she has chosen to willfully accept the deaths of tiny infants in order to get elected. The only way that isn’t true is if:

  1. Harris does not believe the living being in the womb is a human being.
  2. Voting to end the practice of legal abortion would save children being legally aborted.

The first excuse makes her scientifically illiterate; the second excuse makes her frighteningly ignorant.

In the end, Harris is right. No one should take pride in a country that intentionally allows its babies to be slaughtered. Sane people are left wondering why Kamala is so intent on ensuring that we do.