Conspiracy, not theory.

By on Mar 18, 2018

Occam’s Razor – This is where we should turn for an explanation of what is happening in D.C. Sure mueller hopes to find something to discredit Trump so that the dems have something to use come November elections, problem is, there is nothing, (which mueller and the dems can’t understand since they know how they play the game and on their side there is always something as we have seen during this investigation all the dirt and collusion is on the dem side) but that will not stop mueller and WHY is that? That is where the razor comes in. Simply put, the last administration and the deep state (entrenched Wahington) ARE ALL GUILTY of so many crimes they must find some way to indict Trump for what they are guilty of or many of them will be spending their last years at Leavenworth. It really is as simple as that, mueller, comey, rosenstein, mccabe, hillary, obama et. al. never thought hillary would lose and so their crimes would never see the light of day or, if they did, it would amount to nothing more than lois lerner or Benghazi. And so you see the utter desperation on the part of all these people as they struggle to distract, deflect, misdirect and outright LIE their way out of their sedition against this Country.

I think many times we give these people in Washington and elsewhere too much credit. They are not smarter than everyone else and they are driven by the same thing as most everyone else (greed and some perverse pleasure people get from hurting others) it is just their arrogance and position that allows them to pursue those aspirations without fear of being caught. They do not think 5 steps ahead, they react to what happens and try to explain their actions after the fact. This is not a TV show or a novel or a movie, people do not always act, respond, move, say or do what you expect them to so thinking these people are so smart, that they can predict what is going to happen, is a huge mistake. They think they are smart and clever but any success they have comes mostly from being in positions of power where you can fix things after they occur. (See the Warren Commission for largest scale example – up to now).

Yes, they are all guilty of crimes against humanity if not the Country and what Trump is finally coming to understand is just how deep this corruption runs in D.C. and New York and Hollywood and around the world. The recent rash of White House firings is some proof of this recent enlightenment. When you, yourself, are not controlled by you political ideology it takes a while to understand and believe that others are. It takes longer to understand and believe that the ideology is nothing but a front for the most base of human nature’s desires, love of self. The justification by ideology, the professing of the “greater good”, the self-delusion and the association with like minded narcissists is nothing more than lie for the underlying lust for money and power.

Until you come the KNOW that man is not inherently good and view the world through that core belief, something that is very hard to do since most everyone believes they are inherently good, until you are able to rightly view the world you are open to the deception of your own mind which imparts to others the qualities you believe yourself to have. Until you realize that you would do anything to save yourself, that you do not have the courage of your convictions and, in fact, you have NO convictions, until you realize that about yourself you will never recognize it in the rest of mankind.